Here is the full protocol (in Swedish) as well as a translated summary:

Styrelsemöte 2022-02-10.pdf

4.1 DISK’s economic auditors attended the meeting to introduce themselves and talk about DISK’s economical situation
5.1 DISK will request funds from SSSRFS for Insparken
5.2 As soon as the Covid-19 virus is no longer classified as a danger to society, DISK KM will reintroduce the drink DISK-O-kulan
5.3 The Communications Manager has created LinkedIn banners that all board members will use on their private accounts for marketing purposes. The sections are responsible to create their own section-specific banners if they want such
5.4 The Access-committee was established to manage questions and inquiries regarding access to Foo Bar
6.1 The Generals for Ratatosk proposed that the tickets reserved for the board shall be subsidized like earlier years
6.2 EKMEK was moved to March 16th to give the board and the sections more time to prepare the documents needed
6.3 The Merch-committee has found a new supplier for the board shirts. The board will order a sample to examine the quality

Old protocols can be found in the tabs DISK > Documents or here