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New at DSV?

Where is L30? What is Insparken? Where can I find second-hand course literature?

As a new student, the questions can seem endless. Fortunately, DISK has a lot of answers.

Study monitoring


The Study monitoring is one of our key functions.
It acts as a mediator between students and DSV, and makes sure the education retains its quality.

Don’t miss our events!

During the semesters, plenty of different events take place.
It can be gaming nights, karaoke, visits from companies, ping
pong tournaments, pubs or something completely different.

Take the chance to join us in the fun! 

Pubs in Foo bar

Every Wednesday and the last Friday of the month our pub is open in Foo Bar. We have a large selection of drinks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic, and it is always possible to get something tasty to eat, even vegan. And all at student-friendly prices, of course.

Badminton, football & bouldering



… Are some of all the events that the sport section arranges. Bouldering and badminton are arranged every week, so keep an eye on the calendar for the next opportunity!




Game nights

On Tuesdays, it is SK that occupies Foo Bar,
usually with some form of game night.

Some evenings a specific game is in focus, such as Overcooked 2, Jackbox or Super Smash Bros, but SK’s game cabinets are always open for guests to play what they feel like.

Evenings with MES

MES holds a large variety of creative events. They take place on Mondays even weeks in the Foo Bar, with activities such as film, crafts and sewing evenings.

MES also entertains at several of DISK’s fantastic sittings, and hosts karaoke pubs in collaboration with KM during some Friday pubs.

Follow us on social media

The easiest way to stay updated on what we at DISK are doing is to follow our social media.

On Instagram, we also upload lots of fun stuff, but with more focus on images and less on the text.

On Facebook, we upload news, such as when the tutorial has been open a little longer, the times in the café have changed, events, or if we are looking for people for important posts.

We also have a Discord for all our members to chat, talk, play, and share memes with each other.



DISK KM is the section that strolls around in their black and gold overalls and arranges our pubs every Wednesday and the last Friday of the month.

As an active member of KM, you can participate in plenty of sittings, both within DISK KM but also other university KMs!

Musikaliska & Estetiska sektionen

MES is the section that does everything creative that you can think of.

They organize performances (spex) for our fine sittings among other events, they hold events such as movie nights, sewing nights, and other fun on Mondays even weeks in Foo Bar.


NärS is the bridge between the students and the IT industry. NärS works to establish ties with exciting companies that are interested in meeting students at DSV, as well as to help students with important contacts for the upcoming working life.


The sport section strives to give students, mainly within DISK, opportunities to participate in various fun physical activities.

Every week they play both football and badminton, but climbing, bowling, and an annual ski trip to Åre are also part of the section’s activities.

Särimners Kultingar

SK is the section that organizes events that are game-related, mainly in the form of various game nights, both with board games and video games. You can find them in Foo Bar on Tuesdays.

They also organize a LAN and Game JAM every semester, and hold major events such as D&D, MTG drafts and tournaments.


Insparken is responsible for giving new students a wonderful welcome every year. They do this by arranging activities, competitions, parties and other fun for DSV’s new students at the beginning of the semester.


Most of the events DISK organizes are hosted by our sections.
By becoming an active member of a section, you get the opportunity to take part in their fantastic communities and internal events such as sittings and thank-you parties.


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