Ny student

Det är inte lätt att komma ihåg all ny information som man blir överröst med som ny student, nedan har vi samlat lite tips och information till nya studenter. Om det finns någonting annat du undrar över men inte hittar svaret på kan du kontakta oss via vår Facebooksida.


Insparken ansvarar för att varje år ge nya studenter ett härligt välkomnande. I två veckor i början av höstterminen arrangerar Insparken aktiviteter, tävlingar, fester och annat kul för DSVs nya studenter. Insparken är en fantastiskt chans till att lära känna både nya och gamla studenter!

Communication Channels

There is a Facebook group for each bachelor’s program at DSV and one for everyone who studies at DSV. These groups are good if you want to buy/sell course literature, need to find participants for a survey, or perhaps want to share some type of student benefit. You can find each group by searching for the program name and ”på DSV”, for example, ”Interaktionsdesign på DSV”. The Facebook group for all students is called ”Studenter på DSV”. The groups can also be found via the Student Union DISK’s page under groups.

In order to not miss all the fun we do at DISK, we recommend that you follow us on both Instagram and Facebook! On Instagram, our page is called studentkarenDISK, and on Facebook it’s DISK Studentkår (or facebook.com/diskstudentkar). DISK also has a Discord that is used as our general membership forum, where everyone is welcome to participate! On Discord, we have channels to ask general questions, play, post memes, and just chat, both in text and our voice channels.

We also have four bulletin boards at DSV, on three of these, there is space for students to put up their own posters about used course literature for sale, information about an upcoming event, and similar things.


As a member of DISK, you will receive a digital union ID via the Student Card. Through the student card, you get access to hundreds of different discounts. When you need to confirm your membership card, for example in the café to get your membership discount, you show your card through The student card’s app or by ordering a physical plastic card at home. More information about the Student Card and all discounts can be found on their website.

Once you are a member, you may need to click the small update button in the upper left corner in the app to get your current card. NOTE. When you renew your membership, the old card is displayed until it expires, after which the new card is displayed.


Most of DSV’s lecture halls are on the 2nd floor, just like most student-related rooms at the institution. The exceptions are Aula Nod, which is located in Shared Space on the entrance level, and L30, which is located on the 1st floor together with the student office. If you have a lecture in L30, take the stairs up from the main entrance and stay on the ”balcony”, instead of continuing up to the rest of the institution.

At DSV, we have the luxury that most lectures are recorded and can then be watched again on the Play platform. However, this is not a guarantee, as it can sometimes be the case that the technology is in trouble or something else. The lecture pictures/slideshow, however,  must always be available on the course’s iLearn page.

Access cards

At DSV, an access card is required to enter the institution. Access cards are handled by DSV. The exception is when you lose you card and need to pay for a new one. The fee for a new card is paid at the Student union office, and then pick up the card at the access card delivery center. More information about the access cards can be found here.

Find your way to DSV

DSV is located in Kista NOD and can be reached in several ways, but most students get to DSV by subway or commuter train. There are also some who drive, parking spaces can be found both in Kista Galleria but also outside the department along Kista alléväg.



Take the blue subway line 11 and get off at the station Kista. On the platform, you go towards the northern exit (located in the same direction as the train, if you came from T-centralen), u go down the stairs and then to the right, straight through Kista Galleria. Continue straight ahead over the first bridge and then turn left before the second bridge, pass the English school and continue over another bridge, and you will find Kista NOD’s main entrance on the right. Straight ahead after you enter, there are stairs leading up to DSV.




Ta rosa linje 40, 41 eller 42 och kliv av vid Helenelund. när du kommer ut från stationen går du till höger och följer gångvägen under bron och sedan rakt fram på Arne beurlings torg. Ta sedan Kistagången i ca 900 m, sväng sedan höger när du passerar Tastory. Följ vägen tills du kommer fram till Borgarfjordsgatan och ser Kista NOD framför dig. Om du svänger in vänster på Borgarfjorsgatan kan du välja att antingen svänga in höger och ta Entré A eller C alternativt fortsätta rakt fram längs med Kista NOD tills du nått huvudentrén.

Karta över institutionen