DISK has, just like other unions, several different documents. You’ll find some of them in the list below.

However, the documents are all written in Swedish and does unfortunately not exist in English. The exception is the harassment brochure.

DISK bylaw – In the bylaw you will find the internal rules of  DISK. The bylaws is chosen by the members of DISK and can only be altered on annual meetings.
DISK bussiness plan – In the bussiness plan you will find DISKs planned activities under the upcoming period. It is put together by the board and voted into action by DISKs members on the annual meetings.
DISK policy – In the policy, you can find all of DISKs guidelines and all the members of DISK you be familiar in the policy. The policy is put together by the board.
DISK integritetspolicy – In the integrity policy, you will find information about what kind of personal information DISK collects together with why, how and how long.
Protocols – Every board meeting and annual meeting are being recorded in the form of protocols. They are published for all members to take part of and be aware of what is being discussed and decided.
DISK Visual identity – The visual identity is a guide for how documents within DISK, both internally and externally should be formed.
Environmental work of DSV – Information about what DSV is doing environmentally on the institution.
Harassment and  offending behaviours – With this brochure, we would like to inform you on:

  • What offending behaviour, harassment and sexual harassment can be
  • What you can do if you or someone else is being exposed to these behaviours
  • What responsibilities the student union and the university have
  • What the individual subjecting someone to offending behaviours, harassment or sexual harassment is risking