Here you can find the full protocol (in Swedish) as well as a translated summary.

Styrelsemöte 2022-12-15

3.1 Everyone on the incoming board must have access to new email inboxes and should therefore fill out a form on DISK’s website as soon as possible.
3.2 The Presidium has had a meeting with the inspector and administrative boss at DSV to discuss DISK’s financial situation.
3.3 The board went through and gave feedback on a survey Kista Science City has produced regarding Kista as a location and study environment.
3.4 Marskalksämbetet has given the board a document on medal awarding and urges the board to issue more medals than they currently do.
3.5 Too much food is being bought in, which often leads to things having to be thrown away. The board discussed how to adapt the everyday operation better to throw away less or when to clean out pantry and fridge in Foo Bar.

4.1 The board discussed digital presence at board meetings and how to make them as accessible as possible without board members choosing to only participate digitally.
4.2 The board considered that the lunches in Foo should continue to be served in the coming semester. In order for that work to continue, a new committee was elected.

5.1 The point was postponed.
5.2 The point was postponed.
5.3 The board elected Sofia Lundqvist as café manager for the business year 2023.
5.4 The business section’s statute amendment was approved.
5.5 The board decided to raise DISK’s employees’ salary by 5%.

6.1 The Board discussed that decision points posted shortly before the meeting date led to more discussion than decision. This is something that should be avoided and worked on during the next year.
6.2 The board discussed that a clarification of what constitutes a policy, working document, internal control document, etc. is required. it leads to unnecessary confusion in the current situation.