2a. The meeting granted the proposition ”Introduce DISK’s three-year strategy as a steering document”

3a. The meeting granted the motion ”Forming of the Information Technology Section (ITS)”

4a. The meeting granted DISK’s and all sections’ preliminary business plans for 2023
4b. The meeting granted DISK’s preliminary budget with changes to Systemvetardagen’s revenue to SEK 1,150,000 and the cost of rent to SEK 1,580,000

5a. Yrsa Linder was elected Chairman of the board
5b. Karin Jäderberg was elected Vice Chairman of the board
5c. Jakob Ehrhardt was elected Treasurer
5d. Sofia Roos was elected Vice Treasurer
5e. Vlada Borets was elected Secretary
Lovisa Hedström was elected Head of Information
Pontus Cedrell was elected Head of Technology
Alexander Jaxgård was elected Head of Student Protection as well as Head of Education
My Karlén was elected Head of Events
the position for Head of Venue & Personnel was left vacant.
5 f. Karin Allerbring was elected section representative for the Insparken
Melinda Holmqvist was elected section representative for the Klubbmästeriet
Kimiya Eskandari was elected as the section representative for the Business section
Giancarlo Valverde was elected section representative for the Musical & Aesthetic Section
Sara Nordström was elected section representative for Särimner’s Kultingar
Vladyslav Tymoschchyk was elected section representative for the Sports Section
5g. Némo Chentre was elected Deputy
5h. LEVA Revision & Rådgivning i Roslagen AB was elected financial auditor, Andreas Eckerstrand was elected first internal financial auditor and Sebastian Gabrielsson was elected second internal financial auditor
5i. Emilia Kaufeldt was elected First Statutory Auditor and Sina Bastani was elected Second Statutory Auditor
5j. Jelena Zdravkovic was ratified as Inspector

6a. Emma Ågren informed that Särimner’s Kultingar has decided to conduct their activities in English so that more exchange students can get involved in the section. The remaining sections can also think about this.