Here you can find the full protocol (in Swedish) as well as a translated summary.

Styrelsemöte 2022-11-03

5.1.1 Klubbmästeriets preliminary activity plan is unchanged since last year.
5.1.2 Musikaliska & Estetiska Sektionen has added a paragraph about maintaining the band in its preliminary activity plan.
5.1.3 Näringslivssektionens preliminary activity plan was postponed until the next board meeting.
5.1.4 The point about Sport’s preliminary activity plan was postponed until the next board meeting.
5.1.5 Särimners Kultingar has added paragraphs about reviewing existing policies, have section meetings and events in English but remove game jams since they are done in collaboration with the game development program in their preliminary activity plan.
5.1.6 Insparkens preliminary activity plan was postponed until the next board meeting.
5.1.7 DISKs have added a paragraph on financial survival and bringing rent down to a central level with Stockholms Univeristy in their preliminary activity plan.
5.1.8 The Presidium has drawn up a three-year strategy with long-term goals that will work towards DISK being able to live on.

5.2.1 Klubbmästeriets budget for purchases has been increased due to the increased interest to apply and prices for overall have risen. The remaining budget is not adjusted for inflation, however.
5.2.2 Musikaliska & Estetiska Sektionens budget for purchases, kickoff & celebration dinner has increased.
5.2.3 Näringslivssektionens event revenue has increased and the advertising costs has been lowered.
5.2.4 Sporten has increased the budget for skiweek and added a post for premises costs.
5.2.5 Särimners Kultingar has raised the post for purchases to adjust for inflation and to be able to spend more money on section clothes and materials for spex.
5.2.6 Insparkens income has increased due to sponsors and expenses on events will be adjusted accordingly. Cloth bags need to be bought in and therefore that cost has increased.
5.2.7 Systemetardagen has decided not to use stand screens, the companies will be responsible to bring those themselves. A large wall in the middle as well as carpets for sound reduction will still be purchased.
5.2.8 Kaféets preliminary budget is unchanged.
5.2.9 Marskalkämbetets preliminary budget is unchanged.
5.2.10 Studiebevakningens preliminary budget is unchanged.
5.2.11 Ratatosk preliminary budget is based on the 2019 edition which was completely physical.
5.2.12 The budget post for membership needs to be adjusted as the money that has been spent on the newly introduced levels must be below the correct year’s budget.