Here you can find the full protocol (in Swedish) as well as a translated summary:

Styrelsemöte 2022-11-03

4.1 Students studying the last year of the game development program have an exhibition on 21/12 and it would be an excellent opportunity for DISK to stand and talk. The board thinks it sounds promising, provided people haven’t gone on leave.
4.2 The computer in Foo Bar needs to be replaced. One of the board members has brought a laptop that can serve as a temporary replacement, at least until a more long-term solution is introduced.
4.3 The board should have a group handover with the next board where they are given a proper introduction to board work. The board plans to compile the handover and finalize the ’role descriptions’ document on 7/12 and hold handover on 15/12.
4.4 There is uncertainty about which policy applies primarily and to whom. The chairman clarifies that first comes the law, then DISK’s decree and then its policy. After that come the policies of the sections.
4.5 Särimner’s Kultingar wants another cabinet so that their undersektion can store their miniatures. All the lockers outside the workroom are taken, but with the activity room moving out, there may be more space in the new lockers.
4.6 It has been awfully hot in the building lately, not only on floor 2. This is probably due to different settings on other floors, but it does not affect us.

5.1 The board decided to change section 7.5.1, 7.5.2 & added 7.5.6 in DISKs policy. On 21/11, everything must have been moved out from the active room.
5.2 The board decided to add a paragraph regarding drugs to DISKs policy.
5.3 The committee responsible for the PROG1 seating will not have time to do it. The board decides to hand over the responsibility to other members and work on it at the next board workshop.