Here you can find the full protocol (in Swedish) as well as a translated summary.

Styrelsemöte 2022-10-20

3.1 All board members have received a questionaire from the election committee which they must fill in as soon as they can.

4.1 The board discusses producing several compendiums for courses. However, it is up to each course manager to produce one, the presidium will talk to the supervisor about this.

5.1 The board decided to support Musikhjälpen by holding a fundraising pub on 14/12.
5.2 At a previous meeting, it was decided that furniture should be moved out of the active room as it is to be converted into a room for our employees to relax in. the board decided to buy in furniture for this with a maximum ceiling of SEK 8,000.
5.3 The generals of Ratatosk were chosen!
5.4 Alexander Jaxgård was elected as a member of the board as the student safety representative as well as education responsible.