Here you can find the full protocol (in Swedish) as well as a translated summary.

Styrelsemöte 2022-09-28

2.9.1 The information functionary has arranged a channel where the board members can follow the work carried out at the workshop continuously.
2.9.2 The board abolished the committee as the newly elected deputies can help with the tasks.
2.9.3 The PROG1-sitting Committee has scheduled a meeting next week.
2.9.4 The financial accountants are skeptical of the proposal. DISK does not own the corps premises Foo Bar, which means that DSV must approve the installation first.

3.1 Foo Bar has been improved with new curtains, an AC for the beer room and a new agreement with Tomp which will mean new coolers for the drinks. What will be done with the old coolers has not yet been decided.
3.2 The Närs-day is a new event that the Business Section will arrange on 12/10. Everyone on the board can help spread the word.
3.3 A share point to gather documentation about the nice sitting has been set up.
3.4 The deadline for the sections to set preliminary budgets is the end of October.

4.1 Fire training in DSV’s premises has been delayed due to corona. The board discussed requirements for event managers to have fire training, who should attend the next training session and whether DSV can cover the costs.
4.2 Discussion about introducing a basic education was held. It is to educate members to be responsible for activities in Foo Bar where they do not serve alcohol. An event & education committee to continue the work was formed.
4.3 The board further discussed responsibility levels for activities in Foo Bar. The work will continue within the event & education committee.
4.4 The board discussed the section representatives and how the communication between them work and how it can be improved.

5.1 The event manager must decide when the next cleaning day will take place and inform the members when the date has been set.
5.2 The activity room is filled with things and should be emptied. The board will convert it into a break room for the staff and move the storage to new cabinets behind the curtain in Foo Bar and to the catacombs.
5.3 The board decided that DISK’s annual meeting will take place on 30/11 at 6 p.m.
5.4 The board decided that a meeting to discuss access levels will be held on 26/10 at 10 am. All board members from all sections are invited.
5.5 New signatories were elected.