Here you can find the full protocol (in Swedish) as well as a translated summary.

Styrelsemöte 2022-09-08.pdf

3.1 Everyone on the DISK board is expected to work at DISK’s Christmas party on 2/12.
3.2 DISKord (DISK’s own Discord server) should be used more for the creation and marketing of events.
3.3 Project Manager & Project Coordinator for the System Knowledge day attended the meeting to give a status update regarding the day.
3.4 The DISK board shall, starting on 14/9 and every two weeks after that, hold workshops where you can work on board related assignments together outside of the meetings.
3.5 The election committee will soon be done with the interviews before the annual meeting.

4.1 The information functionary suggested that the board should prepare an election campaign for the next school year. This is to be worked on in future workshops.
4.2 The section representative for Särimners Kultingar read out a letter about the section’s opinion regarding the access committee’s decision. The board held a discussion about the problems that arose and some solutions to them. Samuel Green Cheadle was elected the new convener of the committee.
4.3 Follow-up of the committee work for the PROG1 session.
4.4 Follow-up of the work for the shirt orders.
4.5 The board discussed proposals for routines for watering the flowers in Foo Bar.
4.6 The board discussed which tasks that were expected of the different board roles and decided to start working on a document for role descriptions at future workshops. A “check-in” item was also added to the agenda for the next board meeting.
4.7 On Friday 9/9, the board will have a station in Humlegården for the end of the kick-in and who would take care of it was discussed.
4.8 It was pointed out that many of the sections’ policy documents regarding ‘initiation peace’ should be revised to avoid loopholes. The work will be continued during future workshops.
4.9 The board discussed whether they had any proposals to present at the annual meeting on 9/21.

5.1 The board decided not to purchase Jira licenses for various operations within DISK.
5.2 The board decided to order and install a projector for Foo Bar, given the financial auditors’ approval.