Here you can find the full protocol (in Swedish) as well as a translated summary:

Styrelsemöte 2022-05-19.pdf

2.9.1 We can now open a savings account at an unspecified bank, which was approved at the last annual meeting.
2.9.2 The Merch-committee has ordered a test hoodie, more info under 5.3
2.9.3 The Access-committee had nothing new to report
2.9.4 The semester’s lunches in Foo Bar are done and they have all been successful.  The Lunch-committee will soon start planning the bookings for this autumn.
2.9.5 The Tech- and Information-committee had nothing new to report

3.1 The accounting system is being replaced and will be evaluated later. The sections’ finances look good
3.2 Insparken has submitted an application on behalf of DISK to attend SU’s welcoming day at the campus frescati the 26th of August
3.3 The board talks about kista science city and that they have a meeting booked with the vice chairman to be involved during the kick-off
3.4 Diana who works in the café will need surgery and be on sick leave afterwards.  The board discussed looking for a replacement far in advance
3.5 Sofia, who is a student safety representative and responsible for education, has been admitted to exchange studies and will move this autumn.  She will ask one of the study supervisors if they are interested in taking over her role, but it is time to start the process of finding a replacement right away.

4.1 All section representatives have been informed that they will make trailers for their sections for the kick-off
4.2 During the welcoming week, it would be good if the board could be in the school to introduce themselves and talk about what DISK is for the disketter
4.3 The Board sets the date for the extra annual meeting with elections to the 21st of September
4.4 DISK will be part of the pride parade via academic pride
4.5 The board decided not to hold active-games but will hold an active kick-off before the start of the semester where everyone who is active in the sections will be able to hang out and compete against each other.
4.6 The board discussed the members’ dinner and whether it should be held or not.  The discussion leads to the members’ dinner being replaced with a PROG1 dinner that was discussed at a previous meeting.  The meeting will be for all DISK’s members and will take place in January 2023
4.7 The board discussed the content and date of the information sent to all newly admitted students
4.8 The board discussed the opening hours for Kx and the café together with the second auditor Sina.
4.9 The board discussed different dates for a cleaning day but no date was chosen.  Erika, who is responsible for premises & personnel, will look into this further

5.1 The Board approved Ronja Tägtströms’ request that the Board grant her request for dismissal
5.2 The Board approved Yrsa Linder’s request to introduce the purchase of membership for 6 and 4 semesters
5.3 The Merch Committee had received a sample of a hoodie and was clear that it is about quality and cost when it comes to profile products.  The board did not completely agree on choosing a supplier, instead the section representatives would ask the members in their sections if they were willing to change supplier or not.
5.4 The Board approved Linnea Runsten Fredriksson’s request to approve temporary membership of Accenture’s five guests for NärS events