Here is the full protocol (in Swedish) as well as a translated summary:

Styrelsemöte 2022-05-03.pdf

3.1 The treasurer has been informed that there is usually a recurring information point where the treasurer informs the rest of the board about the sections’ financial situation. From this meeting and on, it will be a recurring point.
3.2 Insparken has received a grant from SSSRSF on the condition that resources will be invested in welcoming international students
3.3 The group that would update all booking documents for Foo Bar has completed its work

4.1 The item was postponed to the next ordinary board meeting.
4.2 The union administration estimates that there will be more pressure this autumn when new students arrive, but right now the opening hours can be adjusted. The board is discussing possible opening hours and that the situation before the autumn is still a bit uncertain. The board will try to be on site and as visible as possible at the beginning of the next semester, but should still consult with admin regarding the opening hours for the union expedition.
4.3 The board discusses the maximum limit at 21-day intervals between regular board meetings. The discussion highlights important points such as that the limit does not need to be extended, but rather that meetings every 3 weeks lead to too much being done in one go at long and sometimes protracted meetings. Important decisions are not sufficiently discussed or discussed at the last minute. A suggested solution to this may be to have meetings every two weeks and then have more informal ”check-ins” that are not recorded where the board can see, talk and perform committee work. Then the board meetings are mainly used to make decisions. ”Check-in” can take place both digitally and on site, but the board already has a problem but prevents it and more meetings are probably not a solution to that.
4.4 The chairman points out that there have been many obstacles lately. One of the reasons may be that the meeting day has changed, but you miss very important information if you can not attend. The board will work harder to look through the autumn dates and set preliminary dates so that everyone can hopefully participate without booking.

5.1 DISK announced an expression of interest to the delegation to SSCO’s May Congress on 21 May.
5.2 The treasurer has been advised by the first financial auditor not to save funds at SEB. However, the bank was a requirement in Bill 4 – ”Establish a fund savings for the Student Union DISK” at the annual meeting with election 2021 and in order to save funds with another bank, the bill needs to be rejected. The board rejected the proposition.
5.3 The treasurer presented a new bill on fund savings with the same specification as the previous one, except that the requirement for a bank was not included. The board approved the proposition and the document was added to the documents of the next annual meeting.
5.4 The Board discussed the proposition to remove item ”Reporting” from the agenda for ordinary Board meetings, which would mean an amendment to section 9.6 of the Statute. The Board came to the conclusion that the bill lacked proposals for remuneration that could fulfill the purpose the reporting fulfills at present. The Board rejected the proposition.
5.5 The Board discussed the proposition to instead introduce reporting as one of the Board’s tasks, which would mean an amendment to section 9.9 of the Statute. The board came to the conclusion that the proposition fell as it was not disconnected from ordinary board meetings, which was voted through during the previous decision point. The board rejected the proposition.