Here is the full protocol (in Swedish) as well as a translated summary:

Styrelsemöte 2022-04-12.pdf

3.1 DISK should register 3-4 people to act as marshals for academic events. 4 people have applied so far and if more people apply then the seats will be distributed through a raffle
3.2 The printer in KX is broken and needs new parts for repairing. However several other parts will also need repairing in a few years which will be more expensive than just buying a new one. The IT Manager and the Treasurers will purchase a new one instead.
3.3 The IT Manager has set up a service to ease the process of reporting errors. At the moment the link is only accessible to members of the board, but might eventually be moved to DISKs website as well
3.4 Both the pub and the treasurer computers have been replaced to computers with windows 10

4.1 Postponed due to many section representatives being absent
4.2 The committee for crisis management presented their draft for DISKs crisis plan
4.3 The Event Manager proposed a team building activity called ”Styrelsekampen” involving board members from all the sections. The board gave tips of activities and a few preliminary dates were set.
4.4 The presidium proposed to introduce a list of pairs to adjust the protocols so that everybody on the board would do it at least once. The secretary suggested that he would prepare a workshop for proofreading instead
4.5 A person has shown interest in getting involved with the DISK-board. If the board feels that a third deputy member is needed then they shall announce that as soon as possible. However, the board can delegate work to people without electing them. The board discusses what type of work that should not be handled by people not on the board and forms a committee to investigate how to ease the workload for both the IT- and Communications Managers
4.6 Näringslivssektionen have been discussing offering a sponsorship to one company and what that could offer DISK. The board came with feedback and suggestions

5.1 There will be an extra annual meeting on may 4th to approve the section’s preliminary activity plans for the year
5.2 The date for the inventory-day was moved to may 22nd