Here is the full protocol (in Swedish) and a translated summary:

Protokoll Ekonomiskt Föreningsmöte 2022-03-16.pdf

2.1 The sport section wanted to apply for a membership in SAIF, but the meeting deemed that the foundation needed for a decision had not been achieved. The application was postponed until the next annual meeting.
2.2 The proposition to clarify the type of majority in the statute was presented a second time and got approved.
2.3 The proposition to revise DISK’s emblem was approved in its first draft.

4.1 The meeting reviewed the financial report for the fiscal year of 2020 and decided on a disposition for the fiscal year 2021. However, the auditor’s report for the fiscal year had been forgotten and was never presented at the previous annual meeting, and as a result the documents had not reached the board. The internal auditor’s report and the question regarding discharge if liability for the fiscal year 2020, were added as items under point 7: questions raised during the meeting.
4.2 The meeting reviewed the annual report, the financial report, the auditor’s report, and the financial statements for the fiscal year 2021. The board from the fiscal year 2021 was discharged from liability. The meeting agreed to cover a deficit from 2021.
4.3 DISK’s activity plan for 2022 was presented by DISK’s president. The treasurer points out that the amount allocated for rent needs to be changed in both the activity plan and the budget. The meeting approves the activity plan with the change, as well as the new budget with the new updated rent. The section´s activity plans were not presented.

5.1 The Nomination Committee is elected with André Ahlkvist as convener.

6.1 The board informs the meeting that they have made editorial changes to the statute
6.2 The board’s third deputy is discharged

7.1 The 2020 fiscal year’s first internal auditor presented the 2020 internal auditor’s report. The meeting approved the report.
7.2 The board for the 2020 fiscal year was discharged from liability.