Here is the full protocol (in Swedish) as well as a translated summary:

Styrelsemöte 2022-03-03.pdf

4.1 Our supplier of bread that is used to make sandwiches in the café have closed down. We are looking into new potential suppliers and solutions

5.1 The board discussed means of marketing toward members that are not ACTIVE within the different sections. It was suggested to move tv-screens, but foremost to be present physically in the green area and talk to students, as courses will be held on campus during period C-D
5.2 The board will look into what is stored in ”the catacombs” and create an updated inventory list that will be updated each semester
5.3 The President suggested to have frequent individual meeting with each board member to get a better grasp over their personal situation as well as well-being. These meetings will occur on a monthly basis
5.4 There is new shelf in Aktivrummet and the sections shall go through the contents of their respective boxes and create an updated inventory list that will be updated each semester
5.5 A committee to discuss the management of out venues during pub-nights was established
5.6 The IT Manager suggested to switch to Microsoft Bookings for booking Foo Bar, but its does not seem to have the option of ”recurring events” which is mandatory for Event Manager.
5.7 The IT Manager informs that the account used for sales in the café and Foo Bar in connected a personal name and not the Union. This needs to be investigated whether its possible to make it an organisational account.
5.8 The board had decided that only board members (including the sections’ boards) shall have access to the corridor that goes between the café and Foo Bar. This is to reduce the amount of unnecessary entering. It was concluded that the amount of people that are part of a board is enough to consider it as availability and an SA-card is always given during events for access.
5.9 The Treasurer informed that we got an invoice for a yearly subscription for an interactive catalogue that is not really used. The Board decided to cancel the subscription if possible as the ”hosting-period” has not yet begun.

6.1 DISK will apply for a non-profit status with Techsoup to use their services
6.2 The documents regarding bookings of Foo Bar need to be examined and updated. A group of board memebers is appointed to do this.
6.3 This point was tabled until the next meeting
6.4 The Merch-committee presented a new design for the keychain. The board decided to order 1000 pieces in accordance with the design.
6.5 The decision of signatory taken during Board Meeting 2022-01-20 was not approved by the bank as it was not clear enough who would be signing individually or in association. The decision was revoked.
6.6 A re-phrased decision item for signatories was presented, with clarification of which board roles will be signing individually or in association.

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