Are you an exchange student? Here is some useful information regarding becoming a member and making sure everything works correctly.

All exchange students are given a T-number, which works as a temporary Swedish personal/security number. This is what you need to use when, for example, signing in to Studentkortet to access your digital member’s card.

If you are changing to a Swedish personal/security number during your studies, you need to contact the DSV Student Affairs Office at

Don’t forget to update your home address from your home country to your current address in Sweden. If you are a member, you can change your address in our system by visiting our Student union office or e-mail us at

It is important that you use the same e-mail address for your DISK membership as you do when (and if) you sign up for SSSB’s housing queue. Otherwise, the systems won’t be able to synchronize.

If you live or plan on living in one of SSSB’s housings, it is also very important that you are registered for your courses. Otherwise, you are not registered as a student in our member system, and cannot be granted the SSSB queue benefit.

Not sure what the card is supposed to look like? This is it!