Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Here, we have gathered all the most frequently asked questions that we usually get from our members to answer them. If you don’t find the answer to you question, you can always send an email to





Student card


Other questions



Which payment methods works at DISK?

We accept card payments in the student union office, the café and in Foo Bar. DISK no longer accept cash as a payment method.

The cards we accept are MasterCard, Visa, Maestro, American Express, Diners Club och JCB.

I have lost or not received my payment card, can I receive a new one?

Unfortunately we cannot send a new payment card. You can instead become a member via our website or visit our union expedition at DSV.

I want a refund of my membership. How do I get one?

We do not refund memberships. This is written in our by-laws which can be found here.


Why am I on hold in the SSSB housing queue?

It can be due to several things. The most common is that you are not a member of DISK or that you are not registered with Stockholm University / DSV.To be able to utilize your DISK membership for the SSSB housing queue, you need to be a student at SU/DSV.

It may also be because you have used different email addresses with us and SSSB. If you use different emails, SSSB cannot confirm your DISK membership.

It is up to you to make sure that you meet these demands. If you have double checked your email address and that you are registered at courses, but still experience issues, please contact us at


I havent received my student card, why and how do I get one?

The student card is sent to the app ‘Studentkortet’ and appears there within 48 hours of your payment. We no longer send out physical cards, since we care about our environment. If you still want a physical card, you can apply for it at

To see the card on the app, you may need to log in and out again, or update your card though the tiny button in the corner whne viewing your card in the app. Your card should also have the DISK logo on it, to be able to verify your membership.

If it takes more than 48 hours, visit us at the student union office or send an email to and we will help you.

Why have I received a student card?

The student card, Studentkortet, is your membership card in the Student Union DISK as well as a student ID. Studentkortet is thereby your verification that you are a member of DISK, which you may need to show to recieve your discounts in the student union office, café and in Foo Bar.

You also need the card, for example, to verify your right to the SL-card student discount. When you become a member of DISK, your card should have our logo on it.

I am a member, but the DISK logo don’t appear on my card. How do I get it?

If the DISK logo isdoes not appear on you student card, you may need to update the card. You can do this through the tiny icon in the corner, on the screen where you are viewing your card. If this doesn’t work, try logging out and in again. Also, please know that it may take 48 hours for your membership to be registered.

If it still doesn’t work, something might have gone wrong with your membership. You can then send an email to and we’ll help you out. 

Why have I not received an email from Studentkortet?

When you register and pay your membership, an email is sent to you withing 2-3 days where you get your log in information to Studentkortet. Sometimes this email is marked as junk mail, so check there!

Why is there no SL logo on my student card?

To recieve the student discount at SL, you must have a study rate of at least 75% (22.5 credits per semester) that is registered at Stockholm University / DSV before you become a member. If you still don’t have an SL logo on your student card, you can either come to the union office or contact us via e-mail at and we’ll hepl you out.

What discounts does the student card provide?

The student card has plenty of discounts from all kinds of stores, and you can find them at If you are looking for a praticular discount, you can always search for a specific store or product on their web page.


Other questions

Why isn’t my change of address immediately processed in your member system?

Our register is synced with “folkbokföringsregistret” 2 times a year. If you want your address change to be processed directly after moving, please send an email with your new adress and your social security number to There are also adress change applications in the student union office which you can fill in and return.

I have lost my access card to DSV. How do I get a new one?

If you have lost your access card, you pay for a new one at the student union office. There, you recieve a digital receipt, which you need to email togehter with your SU user name to From here on it’s DSVs errand, and you’ll be able to pick your card up according to their intructions.

You only have to pay for your card if you have lost it. If the card has broken, DSV should replace it for free.