Do you have questions about the membership?

If you do not find the answer under our FAQ, you can send us your question via the form on this page. The email will be sent to our student union office, if you want to get in touch with a specific part of DISK, you can find the email addresses below. If you want to ask a general question but are perhaps unsure of who to ask, you can always write to our Facebook or Instagram for a quick answer!

When contacting the student union office, remember to include your social security number and education, especially for questions related to membership, so that we can help you in as smooth a way as possible.


Studentkåren DISK
Borgarfjordsgatan 6C
164 40 Kista

Phone: 08 – 12 14 79 92

The board

For questions intended for the student union board, contact

Study monitoring

DISK has something called the study monitoring, which are available through email at You can also contact them through iLearn or Facebook. You can read more about the study monitoring here.

Student safety

DISK has a student safety agent who can be reached through email at Do not hesitate to get in touch if you are being ill-treated or feel down. The student safety agent can also act as support in different situations. You can read more here.

DISK Workshop

Every Thursday, DISK arranges DISK Workshop in Foo Bar, where you can get help when you struggle with courses. To get in touch with the workshop, pay them a visit or contact them at Facebook.  You can read more about the workshop here.

Business contact

Are you as a company interested in contacting DISK or do you have business-related questions, contact DISK’s business section at


More information about what our sections do can be found here.
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