Documents for the annual meeting

Documents for the annual meeting

Here are the documents for DISK’s annual meeting with election, which takes place December 1st at 18.00 (6pm).

All DISK members have the right to attend and vote at the meeting. Remember that your student card is available so that you can present your membership.

The meeting takes place in “Lilla hörsalen” at DSV.  

See you on December 1st! 

Notice: annual meeting with election

Notice: annual meeting with election

Hello all dear members, This is the official notice of DISK’s annual meeting with elections, which takes place on 1 December 2021.  

At the annual meeting, a new board is elected, any changes to the articles of association and other really fun things! The annual meeting is a great opportunity for DISK’s members to gain insight into the board’s work and to be able to influence the union’s activities.  

To have the right to attend, speak and vote at the meeting, a membership in DISK is required. Support members have the right to attend and express themselves.  You must be able to confirm your membership through a receipt or Studentkortet.

A warm welcome to Lilla hörsalen 1 December 2021  

Documents for the meeting will be coming soon. 

Relieving of the 2021 board of DISK

Relieving of the 2021 board of DISK

The nomination committee shall according to the statues of DISK, § 8.1, relieve the board of DISK on the 1st of October at the latest.

Despite the fact that a considerable part of this year still remains, the year of 2022 is fast approaching. With this, the nomination committee hereby formally relieves the 2021 board of DISK and now the work begins to find board members for the upcoming year.

If you are interested in becoming a part of the board of DISK you may submit your candidature via this form.

You may also nominate someone else if you think they would be a good fit for the board, but it is important to ask this person beforehand.

All submissions will be considered confidential and handled with secrecy. Only the names which are finally nominated by the nomination committee will be presented. Whoever is not nominated by the nomination committee may present themselves as a candidate or nominate someone else during the election meeting, presuming they are members of DISK.

Please note that all candidates who are elected to the board must be full members of DISK for the year that they are nominated to.

Candidatures, nominations and other questions may be sent to


Nomination Committee of DISK through Linnea Eriksson, committee head

Opening hours Autumn -21

Opening hours Autumn -21

Hello all students!

On September 30th Insparken starts and our café and Student union office also open.

Due to Covid-19, we still have limited opening hours. The current opening hours are

Student Union Office
Mon & Wed: 10.00-14.00

Café Snack Overflow
Mon-Thurs: 09.30-15.30
Fridays 09.30-14.30