Protocol from Extra Annual Meeting

Protocol from Extra Annual Meeting

Here you can find the full protocol (in Swedish) as well as a translated summary:

Protokoll Extrainsatt Årsmöte 2022-05-18.pdf

2.1 Sporten wanted to apply for a membership in SAIF, but the application was postponed until the next annual meeting
2.2 The proposition to revise DISK’s emblem was approved in its second draft.

2.3 The proposition to overrule proposition 4: “upprätta ett fondsparande för Studentkåren DISK” from the annual meeting 1/12 – 2021 was accepted
2.4 The proposition to establish a fund saving for Studentkåren DISK (this time without a specified bank for the savings) was accepted Marskalksämbetet’s activity plan was approved Insparken’s activity plan was approved Klubbmästeriet’s activity plan was approved Musikaliska och Estetiska Sektionen’s activity plan was approved Sport Sektionen’s activity plan was approved with an editorial change Särimners Kultingar’s activity plan was approved Näringslivssektionen’s activity plan was approved

Protocol from Extra Annual Meeting

Protocol from board meeting 2022-05-19

Here you can find the full protocol (in Swedish) as well as a translated summary:

Styrelsemöte 2022-05-19.pdf

2.9.1 We can now open a savings account at an unspecified bank, which was approved at the last annual meeting.
2.9.2 The Merch-committee has ordered a test hoodie, more info under 5.3
2.9.3 The Access-committee had nothing new to report
2.9.4 The semester’s lunches in Foo Bar are done and they have all been successful.  The Lunch-committee will soon start planning the bookings for this autumn.
2.9.5 The Tech- and Information-committee had nothing new to report

3.1 The accounting system is being replaced and will be evaluated later. The sections’ finances look good
3.2 Insparken has submitted an application on behalf of DISK to attend SU’s welcoming day at the campus frescati the 26th of August
3.3 The board talks about kista science city and that they have a meeting booked with the vice chairman to be involved during the kick-off
3.4 Diana who works in the café will need surgery and be on sick leave afterwards.  The board discussed looking for a replacement far in advance
3.5 Sofia, who is a student safety representative and responsible for education, has been admitted to exchange studies and will move this autumn.  She will ask one of the study supervisors if they are interested in taking over her role, but it is time to start the process of finding a replacement right away.

4.1 All section representatives have been informed that they will make trailers for their sections for the kick-off
4.2 During the welcoming week, it would be good if the board could be in the school to introduce themselves and talk about what DISK is for the disketter
4.3 The Board sets the date for the extra annual meeting with elections to the 21st of September
4.4 DISK will be part of the pride parade via academic pride
4.5 The board decided not to hold active-games but will hold an active kick-off before the start of the semester where everyone who is active in the sections will be able to hang out and compete against each other.
4.6 The board discussed the members’ dinner and whether it should be held or not.  The discussion leads to the members’ dinner being replaced with a PROG1 dinner that was discussed at a previous meeting.  The meeting will be for all DISK’s members and will take place in January 2023
4.7 The board discussed the content and date of the information sent to all newly admitted students
4.8 The board discussed the opening hours for Kx and the café together with the second auditor Sina.
4.9 The board discussed different dates for a cleaning day but no date was chosen.  Erika, who is responsible for premises & personnel, will look into this further

5.1 The Board approved Ronja Tägtströms’ request that the Board grant her request for dismissal
5.2 The Board approved Yrsa Linder’s request to introduce the purchase of membership for 6 and 4 semesters
5.3 The Merch Committee had received a sample of a hoodie and was clear that it is about quality and cost when it comes to profile products.  The board did not completely agree on choosing a supplier, instead the section representatives would ask the members in their sections if they were willing to change supplier or not.
5.4 The Board approved Linnea Runsten Fredriksson’s request to approve temporary membership of Accenture’s five guests for NärS events

Protocol from Extra Annual Meeting

Protocol from board meeting 2022-05-03

Here is the full protocol (in Swedish) as well as a translated summary:

Styrelsemöte 2022-05-03.pdf

3.1 The treasurer has been informed that there is usually a recurring information point where the treasurer informs the rest of the board about the sections’ financial situation. From this meeting and on, it will be a recurring point.
3.2 Insparken has received a grant from SSSRSF on the condition that resources will be invested in welcoming international students
3.3 The group that would update all booking documents for Foo Bar has completed its work

4.1 The item was postponed to the next ordinary board meeting.
4.2 The union administration estimates that there will be more pressure this autumn when new students arrive, but right now the opening hours can be adjusted. The board is discussing possible opening hours and that the situation before the autumn is still a bit uncertain. The board will try to be on site and as visible as possible at the beginning of the next semester, but should still consult with admin regarding the opening hours for the union expedition.
4.3 The board discusses the maximum limit at 21-day intervals between regular board meetings. The discussion highlights important points such as that the limit does not need to be extended, but rather that meetings every 3 weeks lead to too much being done in one go at long and sometimes protracted meetings. Important decisions are not sufficiently discussed or discussed at the last minute. A suggested solution to this may be to have meetings every two weeks and then have more informal “check-ins” that are not recorded where the board can see, talk and perform committee work. Then the board meetings are mainly used to make decisions. “Check-in” can take place both digitally and on site, but the board already has a problem but prevents it and more meetings are probably not a solution to that.
4.4 The chairman points out that there have been many obstacles lately. One of the reasons may be that the meeting day has changed, but you miss very important information if you can not attend. The board will work harder to look through the autumn dates and set preliminary dates so that everyone can hopefully participate without booking.

5.1 DISK announced an expression of interest to the delegation to SSCO’s May Congress on 21 May.
5.2 The treasurer has been advised by the first financial auditor not to save funds at SEB. However, the bank was a requirement in Bill 4 – “Establish a fund savings for the Student Union DISK” at the annual meeting with election 2021 and in order to save funds with another bank, the bill needs to be rejected. The board rejected the proposition.
5.3 The treasurer presented a new bill on fund savings with the same specification as the previous one, except that the requirement for a bank was not included. The board approved the proposition and the document was added to the documents of the next annual meeting.
5.4 The Board discussed the proposition to remove item “Reporting” from the agenda for ordinary Board meetings, which would mean an amendment to section 9.6 of the Statute. The Board came to the conclusion that the bill lacked proposals for remuneration that could fulfill the purpose the reporting fulfills at present. The Board rejected the proposition.
5.5 The Board discussed the proposition to instead introduce reporting as one of the Board’s tasks, which would mean an amendment to section 9.9 of the Statute. The board came to the conclusion that the proposition fell as it was not disconnected from ordinary board meetings, which was voted through during the previous decision point. The board rejected the proposition.

Protocol from Extra Annual Meeting

Protocol from Board Meeting 2022-04-12

Here is the full protocol (in Swedish) as well as a translated summary:

Styrelsemöte 2022-04-12.pdf

3.1 DISK should register 3-4 people to act as marshals for academic events. 4 people have applied so far and if more people apply then the seats will be distributed through a raffle
3.2 The printer in KX is broken and needs new parts for repairing. However several other parts will also need repairing in a few years which will be more expensive than just buying a new one. The IT Manager and the Treasurers will purchase a new one instead.
3.3 The IT Manager has set up a service to ease the process of reporting errors. At the moment the link is only accessible to members of the board, but might eventually be moved to DISKs website as well
3.4 Both the pub and the treasurer computers have been replaced to computers with windows 10

4.1 Postponed due to many section representatives being absent
4.2 The committee for crisis management presented their draft for DISKs crisis plan
4.3 The Event Manager proposed a team building activity called “Styrelsekampen” involving board members from all the sections. The board gave tips of activities and a few preliminary dates were set.
4.4 The presidium proposed to introduce a list of pairs to adjust the protocols so that everybody on the board would do it at least once. The secretary suggested that he would prepare a workshop for proofreading instead
4.5 A person has shown interest in getting involved with the DISK-board. If the board feels that a third deputy member is needed then they shall announce that as soon as possible. However, the board can delegate work to people without electing them. The board discusses what type of work that should not be handled by people not on the board and forms a committee to investigate how to ease the workload for both the IT- and Communications Managers
4.6 Näringslivssektionen have been discussing offering a sponsorship to one company and what that could offer DISK. The board came with feedback and suggestions

5.1 There will be an extra annual meeting on may 4th to approve the section’s preliminary activity plans for the year
5.2 The date for the inventory-day was moved to may 22nd

Protocol from Extra Annual Meeting

Protocol for Economic Union Meeting 2022

Here is the full protocol (in Swedish) and a translated summary:

Protokoll Ekonomiskt Föreningsmöte 2022-03-16.pdf

2.1 The sport section wanted to apply for a membership in SAIF, but the meeting deemed that the foundation needed for a decision had not been achieved. The application was postponed until the next annual meeting.
2.2 The proposition to clarify the type of majority in the statute was presented a second time and got approved.
2.3 The proposition to revise DISK’s emblem was approved in its first draft.

4.1 The meeting reviewed the financial report for the fiscal year of 2020 and decided on a disposition for the fiscal year 2021. However, the auditor’s report for the fiscal year had been forgotten and was never presented at the previous annual meeting, and as a result the documents had not reached the board. The internal auditor’s report and the question regarding discharge if liability for the fiscal year 2020, were added as items under point 7: questions raised during the meeting.
4.2 The meeting reviewed the annual report, the financial report, the auditor’s report, and the financial statements for the fiscal year 2021. The board from the fiscal year 2021 was discharged from liability. The meeting agreed to cover a deficit from 2021.
4.3 DISK’s activity plan for 2022 was presented by DISK’s president. The treasurer points out that the amount allocated for rent needs to be changed in both the activity plan and the budget. The meeting approves the activity plan with the change, as well as the new budget with the new updated rent. The section´s activity plans were not presented.

5.1 The Nomination Committee is elected with André Ahlkvist as convener.

6.1 The board informs the meeting that they have made editorial changes to the statute
6.2 The board’s third deputy is discharged

7.1 The 2020 fiscal year’s first internal auditor presented the 2020 internal auditor’s report. The meeting approved the report.
7.2 The board for the 2020 fiscal year was discharged from liability.

Protocol from Extra Annual Meeting

Protocol Board Meeting 2022-03-03

Here is the full protocol (in Swedish) as well as a translated summary:

Styrelsemöte 2022-03-03.pdf

4.1 Our supplier of bread that is used to make sandwiches in the café have closed down. We are looking into new potential suppliers and solutions

5.1 The board discussed means of marketing toward members that are not ACTIVE within the different sections. It was suggested to move tv-screens, but foremost to be present physically in the green area and talk to students, as courses will be held on campus during period C-D
5.2 The board will look into what is stored in “the catacombs” and create an updated inventory list that will be updated each semester
5.3 The President suggested to have frequent individual meeting with each board member to get a better grasp over their personal situation as well as well-being. These meetings will occur on a monthly basis
5.4 There is new shelf in Aktivrummet and the sections shall go through the contents of their respective boxes and create an updated inventory list that will be updated each semester
5.5 A committee to discuss the management of out venues during pub-nights was established
5.6 The IT Manager suggested to switch to Microsoft Bookings for booking Foo Bar, but its does not seem to have the option of “recurring events” which is mandatory for Event Manager.
5.7 The IT Manager informs that the account used for sales in the café and Foo Bar in connected a personal name and not the Union. This needs to be investigated whether its possible to make it an organisational account.
5.8 The board had decided that only board members (including the sections’ boards) shall have access to the corridor that goes between the café and Foo Bar. This is to reduce the amount of unnecessary entering. It was concluded that the amount of people that are part of a board is enough to consider it as availability and an SA-card is always given during events for access.
5.9 The Treasurer informed that we got an invoice for a yearly subscription for an interactive catalogue that is not really used. The Board decided to cancel the subscription if possible as the “hosting-period” has not yet begun.

6.1 DISK will apply for a non-profit status with Techsoup to use their services
6.2 The documents regarding bookings of Foo Bar need to be examined and updated. A group of board memebers is appointed to do this.
6.3 This point was tabled until the next meeting
6.4 The Merch-committee presented a new design for the keychain. The board decided to order 1000 pieces in accordance with the design.
6.5 The decision of signatory taken during Board Meeting 2022-01-20 was not approved by the bank as it was not clear enough who would be signing individually or in association. The decision was revoked.
6.6 A re-phrased decision item for signatories was presented, with clarification of which board roles will be signing individually or in association.

Old protocols can be found in the tabs DISK > Documents o here

Protocol from Extra Annual Meeting

Protocol from Board Meeting 2022-02-10

Here is the full protocol (in Swedish) as well as a translated summary:

Styrelsemöte 2022-02-10.pdf

4.1 DISK’s economic auditors attended the meeting to introduce themselves and talk about DISK’s economical situation
5.1 DISK will request funds from SSSRFS for Insparken
5.2 As soon as the Covid-19 virus is no longer classified as a danger to society, DISK KM will reintroduce the drink DISK-O-kulan
5.3 The Communications Manager has created LinkedIn banners that all board members will use on their private accounts for marketing purposes. The sections are responsible to create their own section-specific banners if they want such
5.4 The Access-committee was established to manage questions and inquiries regarding access to Foo Bar
6.1 The Generals for Ratatosk proposed that the tickets reserved for the board shall be subsidized like earlier years
6.2 EKMEK was moved to March 16th to give the board and the sections more time to prepare the documents needed
6.3 The Merch-committee has found a new supplier for the board shirts. The board will order a sample to examine the quality

Old protocols can be found in the tabs DISK > Documents or here

Summon to Economic Union Meeting 2022

Summon to Economic Union Meeting 2022

Hello, all dear members! 

This is the official meeting notice for DISKs economic union meeting, EKMEK, which takes place March 16th, 2022. 

At EKMEK, we annually go through our budget, elect a new nomination committee, statute changes and other fun things! EKMEK is a fantastic opportunity for members of DISK to get insight in the board’s work and be able to affect the what the union works for.  

To be granted right of presence, expression, and voting, you need to be a member of DISK. Support members have right of presence and expression.  

Everyone who attends the meeting will get a food coupon that can be used in Foo bar the same evening!
We welcome you to Lilla Hörsalen, 18.00 on March 16th

The agenda (in Swedish) for the meeting can be found here.