New student

It is not easy to remember all the new information that you are showered in as a new student. Therefore, we have collected some tips and information for new students at DSV. If there is anything else you are wondering about but cannot find the answer to either on this page or anywhere else on the web page, you can contact DISK on Facebook


Insparken is the section of DISK that are responsible for giving new students a wonderful welcome every year. For two weeks at the beginning of the autumn semester, Insparken arranges activities, competitions, parties and other fun stuff for DSV’s new students.

Insparken is a fantastic chance to get to know both new and old students, at the same time that you familiarize yourself with the student union!

To keep track of Insparken during your time as a new student, you can follow their own social media. Also keep an eye out for our emails before and during the start of the semester.

Communication channels

DISK does more than just arrange Insparken, which is why we of course have our own information channels where more general information that is relevant to all students is published.

Facebook groups

There is a Facebook group for each bachelor’s program at DSV, and a large one for all DSV’s students (Studenter på DSV). These groups are good for buying and selling course literature, finding people who can participate in surveys, or share some type of student benefitial info. You can find each group by searching for the program name followed by ”on DSV”, for example ”Interaction design on DSV”. The groups can also be found under groups on our Facebook page. Most posts are in Swedish, but don’t be afriad to post in English!

DISKs Social medias

In order to not miss all the fun that we are doing at DISK, you can follow us on our social media. If you are interested in what a specific section in DISK does, you can find their own social media under the sections page.

DISK also has a Discord server which is used as our general member forums, but anyone, member or not is wewlcome to join! In Discord, we have channels for asking questions (to DISK or other students), play games, post memes or just chat. During the Covid-19 restrictions, most of our online events takes place in this server.

Physical communication channels

We also have 4 bulletin boards at DSV. This is where we put up what we call ”Skitviktigt” a poster containing all current events during the upcoming two week period.This poster is worth checking out if you want to take part in study social activities, but don’t quite know where to start looking!

Three of these contains space where students themselves can put their own posters, regarding for example selling course literature, information about an upcoming event or such things.


As a member of DISK, you get a digital student ID via Studentkortet. Through Studentkortet, you get access to plenty of different student discounts, among others the SL discount for public transport. However, this specific discount requires a study pace of at least 75% (22.5 credits per semester)

When you need to verify your membership, for example in the café to recieve your member discount, you show your ID through the Studentkortet app. You can also order a physical card, if you prefer. More info about Studentkortet and all the discounts can be found on their web page.

When you’ve bevcome a member of DISK, you might need to press the tiny update icon in the corner of the card view, to show your current card.

NOTE. It can take up to 48 hours before your membership is registered. When you renew your membership, the old card is displayed until it expires, after which the new card is displayed.

DSV premises

Access cards

At DSV, a personal access card is required to enter the department. Everything regarding access cards is handled by DSV, unless you have lost a card and need a new one. Then you pay the fee for a new card in the union office, and then pick up the card at the student office. More information about the access cards can be found here.


You will find most of DSV’s lecture halls on the 2nd floor, just like group rooms and the programs’ various labs. The exceptions are Aula Nod, which you will find in Shared Space on the entrance level, and L30 which is on the 1st floor together with the student office.

To reach the 1st floor, take the stairs up from the main entrance and stay on the ”balcony”. You should not continue up to the rest of the department.

At DSV, we have the luxury that most lectures are recorded and can then be seen via the play2 platform. However, this is not a guarantee, as itechnical difficulties and such may occur. However, the lecture slides should always be available on the course’s iLearn page.

Find your way to DSV

DSV is located in Kista NOD and can be reached in several ways via public transport. There are also parking spaces both in Kista Galleria and outside the department along Kista avenue for those who drive.

At the main entrance (Borgarfjordsgatan 12) there’s a staircase leading up to floors 1 and 2. If you walk past it, you’ll find the entrance to Aula NOD.


Take blue line 11 to Kista and exit through the northern exit (same direction as the train direction from T-centralen). Turn right after the stairs and pass straight through Kista Galleria. After the mall, continue straight ahead over the footbridge and  turn left before the next footbridge, at the English school. After the English school, there will be another footbridge. If you cross it, you will find Kista NOD’s main entrance on the right.

Commuter train

Take pink line 40, 41 or 42 to Helenelund. After the exit, go to the right and follow the walkway under the bridge and then straight ahead on Arne Beurlings torg. Walk along Kistagången for about 900 m, turn right when you pass Tastory. Follow the road until you reach Borgarfjordsgatan and see Kista NOD in front of you. If you turn left on Borgarfjorsgatan, you can choose to either turn right and take Entrance A or C or continue straight ahead along Kista NOD until you reach the main entrance.

Maps of DSV