About the student union DISK

DISK is the student union for those who study at DSV in Kista. We exist to make the student’s time at DSV a little bit better, through both study-useful activities & study-social activities. We therefore offer things such as study monitoring, gemeral tutoring (DISK Workshop), student discounts, fun events organized by our sections & also have a student safety agent.

At DSV’s premises we have a café (Snack Overflow) where you can buy sallads, sandwiches, hot and cold drinks and smaller snacks. We also have a student union office, where you can buy compendium, pens, and our lovely DISK key chains. And of course, you can also buy your DISK membership here. In connection to DSV we also have our student pub, Foo Bar, where most of our events take place.

Student support

One of DISKs most important missions is to act as a middle man between students and the institution. This is why we have our study monitoring, och general tutoring (DISK Workshop) and our student safety agent.

Our study monitoring makes sure that the quality of education of DSV is maintained and high. They can answer simple questions related to your studies, and mediate opinions or critique that students may have to teachers and other staff at DSV. The study monitoring is kind of similar to a trade union for the students at DSV.

Our student safety agent is there to support students similar to the study monitoring, but for issues concerning, for example, the work environment at DSV’s premises, or if you would by any means feel unfairly treated by a student, teacher or other staff at DSV.

DISK Workshop takes place every Thursday, at 10.00 – 16.00, in Foo Bar (no, it’s not just a pub!), with the exception of holidays (aka. ”red days”). There you can get general tutoring in all of DSV’s courses from older students who have been dealing with the same tasks as you are right now. When the teachers are not enough, there is always a DISK Workshop!

Student life

The study time should be a fun experience, and we try to ensure that mainly through our sections. DISK has six different sections that work actively to hold events for DSV’s students. Some events require you to be a member of DISK, and sometimes even an active member of the specific section.

Stor header till hemsidan

Insparken is the section that ensures that DSV’s new students receive a nice, warm welcome and are introduced to the student and union life, and also to their future friends. At the union’s study social event, it is easy to meet new friends within all of DSV’s programs. It will help you get that extra out of your study time!

In addition to Insparken,we have Näringslivssektionen (NärS). They are the bridge between business life and the students, and make it possible for you as a student to go to various seminars held by companies, and other business related events. They also organize the annual job fair Systemvetardagen, or System science day.

Klubbmästeriet (KM) is the section that arranges our Wednesday- and Friday pubs.They also have plenty of internal events for their active members, such as sittings specifically for members of different Klubbmästerier.

Musikaliska & estetiska sektionen (MES) does all kinds of creative stuff. It can be anything from baking, to drawing and hosting movie nights. They are most known for their performances, also known as spexes, which they perfrom att DISKs finer sittings, such as Ratatosk.

Sportsektionen organizes physical activities such as climbing, football and basketball. They also organize an annual Skiweek! Sportsektionen is generally very open to adapting their activities to what the members want to do.

Särimners Kultingar (SK)arranges game nights for both video and board games. Each semester they also arrange a super cozy LAN party at Foo Bar, as well as a GameJAM: a competiition where you develop a game from scratch over a weekend.

You can read more about the sections and what they do here!