Get involved

 There are several different ways to get involved in DISK. For example, you can be a member of a section and participate in the section’s activities, you can get involved by sitting on DISK’s board, and you can work as a study monitor. Getting involved in DISK is both fun and a good experience to have on your CV!

Examples for tasks within DISK

  • Project manager for our job fair Systemvetardagen (arranged by Näringslivssektionen)
  • Board member
  • Active section member
  • General for the Members’ dinner or Ratatosk
  • Welcome new students to DSV by sitting in Staben (Insparkens board) or become a Drivare in Insparken.

To get involved in a section, you should contact that specific one. If you wish to be a general at Ratatosk or Members’ dinner, you should contact the board at If you wish to be a board member of DISK’s board, you must contact the nomination committee at

Please note that for some roles, it might be required that you are fluent in Swedish, as Swedish is the primary language of the student union.


Active membership

If you get involved in one of the sections, you become an active member of DISK. You also become active by sitting on the board. As an active member, you get certain benefits as a thank you for your commitment, for example, you get an additional 5% discount in both Foo Bar, the union office and the café, totally 25%.

As an active member, you get in touch with other students than just those who take the same courses, and it is a fantastic way to start making important contacts for the future right now. As an active member of DISK, you will also be invited to certain special events within sections. Active members get access to the active room where there is a fridge, a computer and some opportunity to store coats and bags. All sections also offer additional benefits for their specific members.

Active members also get the opportunity to participate and represent DISK at official events such as the Nobel dinner, Valborg at the fort and at the doctoral dissertation at City Hall.

All sections have different active requirements that you can read more about on the sections’ own pages or by talking to active members in the particular section that you are interested in. All sections usually held some form of thank you-party, and Klubbmästeriet has internal sittings that only its active members are allowed to attend.