Work at Ratatosk 2019!

The Christmas break is over and most people are looking forward to the next semester! In March DISKs finest event will take place, namely Ratatosk (which you can read more about here)! To make this event happen, the Ratatosk generals are looking for workers. If you want to help us create an amazing evening, it is time to sign up, which you du via this link.

As a thank you, you will be invited to an unforgettable thank you party!


Protocol board meeting #16 20/12 -18

Here are the final meeting protocol for the board meeting on December 20th.

The fully updated meeting protocol for meeting #16 is available&nbsp;<a href=””>here</a>.


Annual meeting with election

All DISK members are hereby called for the yearly meeting with election

Wednesday December 5th, 18.00 in Lilla Hörsalen

At the meeting, we will elect the new board, and vote about the operational plan and budget  for the next fiscal year.

Remember to include valid proof of membership, but you are not entitled to vote!




Loads of events coming up

DISKs calender is loaded with fun events these upcoming weeks. Try fencing or bouldering with the Sport, watch V for Vendetta with MES or attend SKs LAN. You’ll find more events and information at the event page.

Pssst there will be an election pub the 31st of October. The election committee from DISK and all of the sections will be there to answer all of your questions.