Loads of events coming up

DISKs calender is loaded with fun events these upcoming weeks. Try fencing or bouldering with the Sport, watch V for Vendetta with MES or attend SKs LAN. You’ll find more events and information at the event page.

Pssst there will be an election pub the 31st of October. The election committee from DISK and all of the sections will be there to answer all of your questions.

Tote bag

Have you seen our new tote bag? It fits most laptops and some more stuff so it’s perfect for when you’re going to DSV, the store, the beach or anywhere else. You can buy it in the student union office for 40 kr, if you’re a member you get your discount as usual.

Join DISKs Facebook groups

On Facebook there is one group for all of the students at DSV the group works like a platform where you get in contact with students to sell/buy course literature or anything else that is student related. The name of the group of the is “Studenter på DSV”.

You can find more tips under For students > Tips & FAQ > New at DSV

SFS housing report

Today SFS (Swedens united student unions) released their annual housing report. This year’s report shows that students face an unsafe housing market when they start studying. In 12 cities in Sweden, students can not expect to get a home within six months, Stockholm is one of these cities. The report also shows that a number of students have rents that are not reasonable for their finances. You can read more about the report in Swedish here, and here you can download the SFS housing report.

The fact that you can not find a home should not be the reason why you do not start or continue your education, but it is unfortunately the truth for some students. Among our tips on the website, we have listed different ways to find a residence in Stockholm, both first-hand contracts through ex. SSSB but also by subletting through, for example, akademisk kvart.


Checklist when you’re subletting:

  • Aways take a look at the apartment before accepting it
  • Check if the person is approved to sublet by the landlord
  • Determine the rules with the person you rent of
  • Sign a contract (but do not pay any money until the contract is written)
  • Save the receipt every time you pay the rent and sign a home insurance.


Straight after the introduction on August 30th, Insparken will show the new students around the department. This is the starting point for the next two weeks of Insparken, which will be filled with activities and lots of other fun things. More information can be found under Insparken and on their website.

New website

During the summer the website has got a face lift and some more information. We hope you as a member  appreciate the changes, if there is anything you think is missing on the website or anything else you would like to point out, please feel free to contact our information officer at info@disk.su.se

Welcome to DISK and DSV

Congratulations to you who have been admitted to one of the programs at the Computer and Systems Department at Stockholm university!

The Student Union DISK welcomes you with open arms and hope you look as much forward to our time together as we do. At the beginning of the semester, Insparken will arrange several fun activities where new students can get to know both new and old students at the department

If you have any questions about DISK or want to get in touch with us, you can write to us on instagram, facebook or email to info@disk.su.se