Do you have questions about your membership?

If you can not find the answer under our FAQ, please send us your question through this form. The mail will be sent to our student union administrator, if you want to get in touch with a specific part of the DISK, you can choose from the email addresses below.

Remember to include your education and social security number, especially when asking questions regarding memberships, so that we can help you in the smoothest way possible.

The board

Questions about the management and governance can be sent to the board at

Business contact

For all questions related to business who wants to cooperate with DISK contact our business section Näringslivssektionen at


Every thursday there is a workshop in Foo Bar where you can get and give help with your coursework. To get in touch with the people in charge of the workshop you have to attend the workshop or on Facebook.


You'll find more information about our sections and what they do under sections.

Särimners Kultingar:

Student safety

Student Union DISK Student Protection Officer can be reached by e-mail at Contact the student safety is someone isn’t treating you nice or if you feel bad. The Student safety representatives can also act as a support in different situations. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us!

Students watch

The Students Watch are available by e-mail at, it is also possible to reach them at their facebook page.