Särimners Kultingar (SK)

Särimners Kultingar (SK) is the DISK section responsible for games and general nerdery, every Tuesday and every other Monday we hold some kind of game or nerd evening in Foo Bar.



What we do

SK arranges events every Tuesday in Foo Bar where we usually play some sort of game, either board games or videogames, and often with some kind of theme. The goal is to have a fun and chill evening where you maybe get to know new people or maybe find a new favorite game or just to play a game you already know and love. SK is open for everyone and welcome newcomers and are happy to teach anyone the rules of a game.


Each Semester SK holds a LAN party, where we take over Foo Bar for a weekend of gaming so bring your gear and have some fun.

It’s open for every level of gamer, not just the super hardcore and we will of course put up some games for the people that can’t easily bring a gaming computer. So there is usually at least one console in place you can play on, and you are of course welcome to bring what you might want to play on, whether it is a monster computer, Nintendo Switch or an old Gameboy Color.


SK also arranges a GameJAM every semester in collaboration with the gaming program at DSV. A GameJAM is probably not completely different from a LAN, except that instead of playing games, you build them. You do not have to know everything from the beginning, but you can put together a team where everyone is good at something.

We then usually sit in the game lab which has well-adapted computers for game development, so you do not need to bring your own computer. Of course you set the level of ambition yourself, a GameJAM is after all meant to be fun!


Krigsvinen is a subsection of SK, in charge of wargaming like Warhammer 40k and Necromunda. Every other Monday they take over Foo Bar to battle against each other.

Despite such a brutal theme, they are open to newcomers, and loan armies are often available to play with it you don’t have your own or just want to try it out.


A couple of times each semester we pretend to be something other than students, maybe explore ruins in D&D, survive the post-apocalypse in Mutant, or battle amongst the clouds in Flying Circus. If being someone else sounds interesting just show up, we are very willing to get you started.

Get involved with SK


To become active in SK is simple!

You can become an active member by helping out during two of our events which includes setting up boardgames, sell and serve alcohol free beverages and snacks and help cleanup afterwards.

The other option is to help out during the LAN party. It’s even easier than it sounds. And just like that, you are an active member of SK (and DISK)!