Insparken / The Kick-off

Are you going to start studying at the Department of Computer and Systems Science at Stockholms University (DSV)? Do you want to get to know your new classmates and have fun at the same time? Then you should definitely participate in Insparken (The Kick-off)!



What is Insparken?

Insparken is the section of the Student Union DISK that welcomes all new students to DSV! We do this so that you as a student will get to know the school and meet friends that you will later hang out with and  such as group assignments at school, but perhaps also in working life.

Insparken is run by our dear “Staben” with the help of “Drivare”, and during the first two weeks of the semester in fall we offer lots of games and activities to break the ice between the students, new and old. In the beginning of each spring we also host a mini-kick-off for all our exchange students!

More information about the kick-in and upcoming events arranged by the kick-in will be published on our social media.


The student union DISK has an official discord server called DISKord. During each day of the Inspark, someone from the Inspark will sit in one of the voice channels. Feel free to jump in there if you have any questions about Insparken or your studies at DSV, or if you just want to say hello and hang out a bit. A link to the DISKord can be found here.