DISK Klubbmästeri (DISK KM)

DISK KM is the klubbmästeri of Studentkåren DISK. We’re the ones who run the pub at Foo Bar, your local (and Stockholm’s best) student pub. You’ll find it on floor 2 in the NOD building. Do you want to experience the student life in Stockholm and simultaneously become part of an amazing social community? Then KM is the place for you!


What we do

Every wednesday and the last friday of the month at 3.45 PM we welcome you to Foo Bar, where you can eat and drink at affordable prices and hang out with other students.

Everybody is welcome to join the pub, but if you become an active member of KM you also get to come along on adventures like sittings and utlandsphester (student events around the country). Active members of KM also get to waltz around in our black and gold overalls, and who wouldn’t want to do that?

A sitting is basically a three-course dinner, but in the student world is a bit more special (and more fun) than that. Besides being a pleasant dinner with friends and acquaintances at DSV, a sittning always offers singing, performances, and unforgettable entertainment. 

Nybörjarsittningen (beginners sitting) is an event free for all new students, which is held during Insparken at the start of every autumn. We strongly recommend anyone who wants to get a feel for what sittings are all about to attend this.

Apart from attending sittings, members of KM usually attend so-called utlandsphester. Utlandsphester are student-focused events that take place outside of Stockholm. Sjöslaget and Absolut Gotland are the two biggest utlandsphester that we attend annually.

Psst! During Insparken your yellow bracelet gives you members’ benefits in Foo Bar.

Get involved with KM


To become an active member of KM and be a part of all these festivities you sign up for something called trasperioden. You start your life in KM as a trasa and then during the following two months you get to experience all the fun that KM has to offer and find out if it’s something for you. 

During trasperioden you get to work in the pub and during a sitting, and of course you also get to attend the events specifically for the active members of KM. If you make it through this trial period you will gain the honorable title of marskalk and your own fashionable overall in the colours of DISK KM.

Anyone can become a trasa (even older students). You are not obligated to finish the trasperiod and can stop being a trasa whenever you want. In other words, you have nothing to lose in becoming a trasa so why not give it a try? Submit an application physically at Foo Bar or digitally at our Facebook page. Make sure to also attend one of our info meetings and pub schools.