Näringslivssektionen (NärS)

Näringslivssektionen (NärS) functions as a bridge between students and the business community. We want to help students create important contacts, and work to connect with interesting companies in the IT industry.


What we do

NärS arranges the project Systemvetardagen (System Science Day), which is a work fair for IT students held in February every year. There, students get the chance tomeet their potential future employers, but also internships and interesting companies to write your bachelor’s thesis at! All students at DSV, no matter what year, can benefit from the fair!

By participating in the project, you get to know many new people, gain valuable experience on your CV, and a great opportunity to create networks for the future. You also become an active member of NärS and get your active status. The status gives you benefits such as priority for our events and discounts in Foo bar and the café.

Systemvetardagen (SVD)

The project management for Systemvetardagen consists of two project managers and 7 project groups. Below you can read more about the groups and what they do:

To work with Systemvetardagen has been an incredibly fun & valuable experience that I’ll carry with me for a long time

Anna Andersson, Project leader för SVD 2020


Designs and develops the System Science Day catalog in Adobe inDesign. In this catalog, all the companies on the fair are presented, with what they offer and what programs they are preferably hiring students from.


The group’s biggest focus is to arrange Systemvetdagen’s afterparty, where students and companies can meet and network in a more relaxed mingling environment.

External events

Arranges events continuously during the year, both before and after Systemvetardagen. It can be entrance meetings, lunch seminars, company visits and mingling pubs.


lans and is responsible for the fair’s logistics. This can apply to everything from orders of materials to fire safety in the premises and planning of a schedule for the fair day.


Administers and develops Systemvetardagen’s website in WordPress, as well as the student platform Student Node. New for this year is that the group will also develop a mobile application for the fair.


They are responsible for recruiting and handeling contact with the attending companies, and collecting information for the directory and Student Node.


Their main task is to increase interest and knowledge about the fair by communication towards students and companies through social media, posters, presentations, and events.

Curious about Systemvetardagen? We are looking for people who want to be part of the teams. Send your registration of interest to us at nars@disk.su.se now! You can also read more about the fair on our website.