Musikaliska & Estetiska sektionen (MES)

MES is the section in the Student Union DISK that arranges musical and artistic events. Every other Monday, there are different types of events in Foo Bar – book club, music evenings, sewing evenings, movie nights and the like. Last semester we had digital activities, which is something we will continue with until the restrictions allow us to be in Foo Bar again. 


What we do

MES works to arrange creative events that are appreciated by DISK’s members, and we usually also arrange events based on suggestions and interest from our members. The best thing about MES is that there is something for everyone, and of course anyone can come to our events. And there are no requirements that you have to be musical or aesthetic to join! If you want to try something new or just get to know people, you are more than welcome to join us! 

Previous events

Last semester we couldn’t have physical events, but that didn’t stop us! During the spring when the business was digital, we started organizing activities such as bake-along, paint-along, film & series quiz, sewing night and lots of other fun. We also started a book club and held the fantastic Melodispexivalen. 

Book club

The book club meets once a month and discusses the book chosen at the previous meeting. Even if you were not present at the previous meeting, you are of course welcome to discuss other things or socialize. The meeting always ends with a vote on the next book, and we are happy to receive recommendations of all kinds. 


This spring, MES collaborated with Klubbmästeriet to hold a digital gala called Melodispexivalen! The event contained 10 specific contributions submitted by lots of different people within DISK and was livestreamed so that everyone who had the opportunity could take part in the festivities and vote at a distance. For those who could not join that particular evening, everything was also uploaded to Youtube, and is still there today (Check it out)! It was all customized to be held digital, but who knows. Maybe it will be a physical event in the future? 

Karaoke pub

In addition to our own events, we also collaborate with other sections for more interesting events. One of our most popular collaborations is the Karaoke pub with Klubbmästeriet which is usually held twice a semester.


MES is also the section that is usually responsible for and performs spex at DISK’s dinners, for example VKM and Ratatosk. This means that the MES board, members and other students who are interested, sit down to write spex and then perform them. The spex is usually a mixture of performing on stage in the form of theater and/or music, or recorded spex that are shown on the big screen. The positive thing about planning spex is that everyone can help, even if you don’t want to appear. For example, you can help with post-production for the film spex or help record the material! 

Get involved with MES


If you are interested in becoming active in our section, you need to either participate in a larger spex or hold two MES evenings.

We are more than happy to receive suggestions about events you are interested in helping to organize. You can always contact us on our social media or email, if you want to be active but don’t know what exactly you could contribute.

Being active means that you get active prices in the café and Foo Bar, and the right to vote at section meetings. Anyone can go to our events, so if you think this sounds fun or have any other questions, come by our info meeting to find out more!