Are you going to studying at the Institution for data- and system science at SU (DSV) this fall? Would you like to get to know your fellow classmates while having a great time? Then you should definitely take part in the first few weeks that we call Insparken!

Covid-19 information

Insparken will for the first time be fully digital so that you still can meet new friends and get introduced to the student life. Planning for this whole new digital Inspark is still undergoing, but all the needed information will be updated here before school starts.


What is Insparken?

Insparken is the section of the student union DISK that is responsible of giving new students a great welcoming each year. We do this so that you as a new student can get to know the school and meet the friends that you will study with and perhaps work with in the future.

Insparken is driven by our dear board members, Staben, with the help of some fellow students called Drivare. During the first two weeks of the term we will arrange activities, parties and competitions to break the ice between the student, new as old. Some of Insparkens traditional activities are:

  • A tour of the school where old students show the new students our institution and the different sections of our student union DISK (the tour usually ends with a pre-opening of our beloved student pub, Foo Bar)
  • Two weeks of games in DISK’s facilities
  • A full day of fun activities in the park Humlegården
  • A welcoming dinner that is at the end of the first two weeks

Most activities are held in Foo Bar during the day. Some good things to know are that all activities are completely optional, and all games are non-alcoholic during the activities (and when there is alcohol during any activities such as the welcome dinner, there is always a non-alcoholic option).

Dates 2020

Planing for Insparken 2020 is in progress, so the dates are not set yet. We'll update the page soon, but until then, you can see what the days will hold below.

Introduction days

Here you will get a warm welcoming to DSV and the student union DISK.  You will meet your new clasmates, be guided around the school, as weel as create a team for the Insparken competiotion. Friday night will end with a traditional gathering in our student pub Foo Bar, DISK's very own pub.

Insparkens game days

During the first week there will be games every day in Foo Bar! Week two there will be game days on Monday through Wednesday, on Thursday we will rest up for the final day at the park, Humlegården. Gather points for your team and win the honourable trophy and get the title Winner of Insparken 2020.

Humlegården and Welcoming dinner

After a day of rest we hope that you are ready for the Grand Finale. In the park Humlegården, we will play more games and collect the last, important points of the competition. In the evening we will have the years first big "finsittning", which is a formal three course dinner, with songs and skits. During the evening we will also give out prizes and have an awesome afterparty.


Schedule 2020

In progress, will be updated shortly.

Our sponsors

We are currently seeking sponsors for Insparken 2020