Get involved

There are numerous of ways to get engaged within DISK, for example you can join and participate in a section's activities, you can join the board or you can work as a study supervisor. Getting engaged  in DISK is both fun and a good experience to have on your CV.

Example on assignments within DISK:

  • Project leader for our work fair Systemvetardagen (arranged by the Business section)
  • Board Member
  • section Member
  • General of the Members' Dinner or Ratatosk
  • Welcome new students to DSV by being a member of Staben or being a Drivare in Insparken.

To get involved with a section, please contact each section (more information on sections is available here(länk)). If you wish to be a general of any of the DISK parties, please contact the board at If you wish to be a member of the board of the DISK Board, please contact the nomination committee at