Get involved

There are numerous of ways to get engaged within DISK, for example you can join and participate in a section's activities, you can join the board or you can work as a study supervisor. Getting engaged  in DISK is both fun and a good experience to have on your CV.

Example on assignments within DISK:

  • Project leader for our work fair Systemvetardagen (arranged by the Business section)
  • Board Member
  • section Member
  • General of the Members' Dinner or Ratatosk
  • Welcome new students to DSV by being a member of Staben or being a Drivare in Insparken.

To get involved with a section, please contact each section (more information on sections is available here(länk)). If you wish to be a general of any of the DISK parties, please contact the board at If you wish to be a member of the board of the DISK Board, please contact the nomination committee at


Benefits of an active membership

If you get involved in one of the sections, you become an active member of DISK. As an active member, you get certain benefits as a thank you for your commitment. You get an additional 5% discount in both Foo Bar and the café, ie 25%. As an active member, you will contact more students than those who take the same courses, a fantastic way to already start making important connections for the future. As an active member of DISK, you will also be invited to certain special events. Active members get access to the active room where there is a refrigerator, a computer and opportunity to store bags and jackets. All sections also provides additional benefits for their specific members. Read more on their section pages or ask them via their contact channels!

Active members also get the opportunity to participate and represent DISK at official events such as the Nobel banquette, Valborg på Skansen and at the doctoral dissertation at the City Hall.