DISK Workshop

DISK Workshop is a general tutoring session, held at 10AM – 4PM in Foo Bar every Thursday of the semester except on holidays.

During periods where many students are in need of tutoring (i.e. during the course PROG1), this might be extended to 6PM.

Anyone studying at DSV or SU is welcome to seek help from skilled supervisors in all subjects taught at DSV or related ones. This especially applies to the various programming courses.

During DISK Workshops open hours, you can either sit in Foo Bar, or the rest of the school.

Either way, in order to receive help, you need to apply for the queue through handledning.dsv.su.se

Digital Tutoring through Zoom

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the shift to distance studies related to it, DISK is currently only offering a digital version of the “DISK Workshop”. Just like before, the workshop takes place every Thursday during the semester between 10-16, with the exception of holidays.

The tutoring will as usual be booked through DSV tutoring system, but instead of entering a physical location, you create a meeting in Zoom and enter the meeting ID. Read these instructions on how to create meetings.

Shorlty, what you need to do is:

1. Create a meeting in Zoom and copy-paste your meeting ID in the field “place” in the DSV tutoring system.
2. Get in line by pressing “create list position”.
3. Wait for a tutor to connect to your Zoom meeting.

For questions, contact workshop@disk.su.se

Study monitoring

One of DISK’s most important functions is ensuring that the quality of the courses given at DSV maintains high quality. This is done through the Study monitoring, which consists of two students. They make sure that DSV follows set standards and rules for Swedish centres of learning.

The Study monitoring also reviews new course literature before lecturers switch out the old course literature. They also keep an open dialogue with the institution to make sure that the quality is up to standards.

How can Study monitoring help me?

The study monitoring can answer simple questions or complaints about the education, such as course literature, not getting back an exam within the set time, or lack of proper information from course administrators. They can also convey any general complaints about the education or personnel of the institution to the administration.

If you have any complaints about how you have been treated by the personnel at DSV, i.e if you feel offended or unfairly treated by a lecturer or course administrator, you should contact DISKs Student safety.

When expressing opinions or complaints through the study monitoring, you are always anonymous towards the institution unless you choose not to be, or if the errand requires your identity to be known. Your identity will never be exposed without your consent.


Currently, Sandra Hillergren and Asim ul Asre are hired as study monitors at DISK.

To contact them, you can send an email to studiebevakning@disk.su.se, or a message to their Facebook page.

If you have opinions regarding the work of the Study monitoring, you can contact the HR and facility manager of DISK through email at lokal@disk.su.se


Student Safety

The student safety agent is part of the DISK union board and is exactly what the name says; a safety agent for all students at DSV. It is the
student safety agent that is there to help the students at the Institution for Data- and System science with the different problems that might arise within the study environment.

The difference between a student safety agent and a “real” safety agent is that the student safety agent lacks the rights and obligations that a safety agent usually has.

This means that the student safety agent does not have access to confidential information, does not have a stop right, and is not allowed to call a regulator. The obligations that a student safety agent miss is for example that they are not obligated to report to the police situations that should normally be reported, for example, threats and similar situations.

You may call a regulator as a student though, that is a right we all have.

The student safety agent also has a duty of confidentiality.

Nuvarande studerandeskyddsombud,
Moa Trygg

What can Student safety do for you?

The student safety agent is obligated to help with and take care of anything regarding the study environment. This includes aspects such as the lighting in lecture halls, cleaning, bullying, harassment, injuries, and questions about the facility, such as bad ventilation or equipment that isn’t working.

If you feel poorly treated by personnel at DSV it is the student safety agent you should turn to. If you rather have questions or complaints about the teaching, you should contact Study Monitoring.


Moa Trygg is the current student safety agent.

You can reach her at