Student safety

A student safety agent is part of the DISK student board and is exactly what the name says, a safety agent for all students. It is the student safety agent that is there to help the students at the Institution for Data- and System science with the different problems that might arise within the study environment.

The difference between a student safety agent and a “real” safety agent is that the student safety agent lacks the rights and obligations that a safety agent usually has. This means that the student safety agent does not have access to confidential information, does not have a stop right, and is not allowed to call a regulator. The obligations that a student safety agent miss is for example that they are not obligated to report to the police situations that should normally be reported, for example threats and similar situations.

You may call a regulator as a student though, that is a right we all have.

The student safety agent has professional secrecy.

What can a student safety agent help with?

The student safety agent can help with things that revolve around the study environment at DSV. This includes, but is not limited to, aspects such as the lighting in lecture halls, cleaning, bullying and harassment, injuries, and hall questions, such as bad ventilation or equipment that does not work. Everything that revolves around the study environment the student safety agent is obligated to help with and take care of.

If you feel badly treated by personnel at DSV it is the student safety agent you should turn to but if you rather have questions or complaints about the actual teaching you should contact the student’s watch.

At the moment Moa Trygg is the student safety agent and can be reached through the form below or at