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Badminton – Sporten

Frescati Sports center Svante Arrhenius väg 4, Stockholm

Follow us to Frescati @ Uni for some badminton. We play double and all you members of DISK student union participate for as cheap as 35 SEK! Registration and more info on our FB page ‘DISK Sportsektionen‘.


DISK Workshop

Foo Bar Borgarfjordsgatan 6c, Kista

DISK Workshop is back in Foo Bar! You can now visit us as we sit in Foo Bar, for physical tutoring. You can also sit anywhere around the school, enter where you sit when you sign up for tutoring, and we'll come to you.


Onsdagspub / Wednesday pub – DISK KM

Foo Bar Borgarfjordsgatan 6c, Kista

DISK Klubbmästeri welcomes all (members +1) to Foo Bar to drink and eat well! As usual, one can buy beer, cider, cocktails, wine, and a wide variety of alcohol-free drinks in the bar along with something to eat. The event will take place in our student pub, Foo Bar. Always too student-friendly prices!