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Planting and knitting-evening!

Foo Bar Borgarfjordsgatan 6c, Kista

See you in FooBar to take care of our plants that do not feel great after the long Christmas break. We will also knit together and EVERYONE is welcome, regardless of whether you are a knitting professional or do not know the difference between knitting and crocheting.

Wednesday pub in

Foo Bar Borgarfjordsgatan 6c, Kista

DISK Klubbmästeri welcome all (members +1) to Foo Bar to drink and eat well! As usual, one can buy beer, cider, cocktails, wine and a wide variety of alcohol-free drinks in the bar along with something to eat. The event will take place in our student pub, Foo Bar. Always too student-friendly prices! Food will be served for 40kr, very nice! Notice! To enter Foo Bar during the pub you will have to show your ID (even if you’re as old as Razor).

Double notice! To attend this event, you'll have to provide proof of two doses vaccination against Covid-19.

Magic: The Gathering

Foo Bar Borgarfjordsgatan 6c, Kista

The time has come for the first Magic: The Gathering-draft of the year! If you are interested but don’t know how to play there will be people that are more than happy to teach you. The cost of participation is 120kr and there are also boosters available for 45kr (40kr for members of DISK). As usual, the game cabinets will be open for anyone wanting to play something else. Foo Bar will open at 15:45 but the draft will begin around 17:00.