Why member?

By becoming a member of DISK, you contribute to us being able to ensure the quality of the education at DSV remains high, that we can arrange fun events that create a memorable study time for you and that we can create opportunities where you can meet companies so that you should be able to easily get a job after your degree.

Good for your studies

DISK's main task is to monitor the quality of education at DSV. If you have been treated unfairly or if you think that your education does not meet your expectations, we will help you through the Students Watch. You can contact the Students Watch through iLearn, Facebook or studiebevakning@disk.su.se

As a member, you contribute to an increased number of members and then we get more influence when we meet representatives of universities and businesses.

DISK works to ensure that the students at DSV have as good a study environment as possible, which is why we have a student safety agent who works with specifically these kinds of issues. If you need to get in touch with our student safety agent, you can do so at studskyddsombud@disk.su.se

Good you you

Every week during the autumn and spring semesters, lots of fun events are arranged by both DISK and our sections. Take the chance and get involved in one of our sections for a fantastic study time at DSV.

We give you the opportunity to mingle with companies through events, lectures, and during our labor market day Systemvetardagen.

DISK is affiliated with both SSCO and SFS, so by being a member of DISK you give influence to these organizations that work at a political level to improve students' situation (eg student grants, the housing situation in Stockholm and the like).

As a member of DISK, you get the right to register in SSSB's (Stiftelsen Stockholms Studentbostäder) housing queue. SSSB daily verifies its membership registers against Ladok and all affiliated student unions to ensure the above requirements for its queue members. For the verification to work, it is important that you as a student enter the same email address with us at the union as with SSSB. It is always the students' own responsibility to log in to SSSB and that the correct personal information is provided.

Good for your wallet

Studentkortet - All members of DISK receive the student discount card, Studentkortet, which serves as an identification when you want to buy an SL travel card with a student discount (however, this requires that you study at least 22.5 credits per semester) or use other discounts that the Student Card gives. You can choose whether you want a physical card in plastic or a digital one via their app.

As a member of DISK, you get membership prices both in our Cafeteria, the union office and Foo Bar. If you are an active member, you will also receive an additional discount as a thank you for your involvement in the union. After only 62 coffee, you have saved up the entire semester fee as a regular member.