What is DISK?

On this page we go through what DISK is and can do for you, member or not. To read more about what you can get out of a membership, click here!

DISK is the student union that has an area of ​​activity at the Department of Computer and System Sciences (DSV) in Kista. We are there for the students and our aim is that each student should have a as problem-free and memorable study time as possible. We therefore have two important core functions: study benefits and fun activities.

Student beneficial activities

DISK is responsible for being an intermediary between the students and the institution. We achieve this through the Students watch, tutoring sessions (DISK Workshop) and our Student Safety Agent.

The Students watch can answer simple study-related questions and convey opinions and critique to teachers and other staff at the department. DISK Workshop is a general tutoring session where you can go, regardless of course, and get help from students in higher grades, when you feel that the supervision given by the teachers is not enough. DISK Workshop takes place every Thursday in our union room Foo Bar. You can get help from the Student Safety Agent if you have been discriminated against by other students or teachers, or experience shortcomings in the work environment in the premises of DSV (or DISK). You can read more about all these roles at the links to each function.

We also have a café, Snack overflow, which is located next to the school's microwave room where you can buy sandwiches, salads, drinks, and smaller snacks. You can also borrow cutlery. Next to the Café, you will find The student union office, which you can visit if you have any questions about your membership in DISK.

Student social activities

Your study time should be fun. We do our best to ensure this through our sections. DISK has 6 different sections which you can see below, and these sections work actively to hold events for the students of DSV. Some events require you to be a member, and sometimes even an active member of DISK. If an event is exclusive, it is very clear in the marketing.

The first section you come in contact with as a new student is Insparken. They are responsible for making sure the students of DSV receive a proper welcome and introduction to student & union life, but also to their future friends! Through the union's study social events, it is easy to meet friends both within, but also outside their own classmates. We promise that it will help you get that extra out of your study time!

In addition to Insparken, there is Näringslivssektionen (NärS). They are the bridge between working life and the students and make it possible for you as a student to go to various seminars etc.. Klubbmästeriet (KM) is the section that arranges our Wednesday pubs. Musikaliska & estetiska sektionen (MES) deals with everything that can be considered creative. The sports section organizes physical activities such as climbing, football and basketball. Särimners Kultingar (SK) organizes game nights, both board games and video games. Get an overview of our sections here, and see our upcoming events here!


Foo Bar

Our most eventful unionfacility is Foo Bar. Foo Bar is located adjacent to DSV, opposite the entrance to DSV which is via Borgarfjordsgatan 6c, ie not the main entrance. This entrance is located close the microwave room and the café. Here, events take place almost every weekday of the week. Every other Monday, MES have their creative evenings, on Tuesdays SK have their gaming evenings. On these evenings, simpler foods such as toast and nacho plates are served. These events are usually open between 4pm-10pm. On Wednesdays and the last Friday of the month, KM has Wednesday & Friday pubs. During these, it is possible to buy alcoholic beverages and "Dagens mat", food prepared on-site by KM in addition to the usual selection. In Foo Bar, we always have student-friendly prices and a good atmosphere. On SK and MES evenings, everyone is welcome, but in the pubs, we have a "members +1" policy. That is, half of all our guests must be members. Therefore, the chance to get in increases if you are a member of DISK! But more about the membership benefits can be accessed here. Because of Covid-19, only 50 guests are allowed into Foo Bar, and it's forbidden to form larger groups than eight people.