Vacancy declaration of 2020’s DISK board

According to DISK’s bylaw, § 8.1, the Nomination Committee shall declare the Board vacant no later than 1 October.

Even though so much still remains of 2020, the next year is fast approaching. The Nomination Committeehereby declare the 2020’s DISK Board vacant,  and the work of appointing a new Board for 2021 thus begins. If you are interested in sitting on the DISK board, you can run for office yourself by contacting the nomination committee. You can also nominate someone else who you think would fit on the board, however, it is important that you ask the person in question before you nominate.

All contributions will be considered and be confidential, names will only be revealed of the persons presented in the proposal for the Election Meeting. Those who do not make the Nomination Committee’s proposal have the right to run for office themselves or nominate others during the Election Meeting itself, provided that they are members of DISK. Please note that everyone who is elected to the Board must be full members of DISK in the financial year in which they are nominated.

Candidacy, nominations and other considerations are sent to val@disk.su.se or via this form >> Registration of interest for DISK Board 2021

DISK’s Nomination Committee
by Emilia Kaufeldt, convener