Students watch

As a student union DISK is obligated to ensure that the quality of the courses given at DSV are up to standards. This is done through the so called students watch. The students watch is run by two people whos job is to make sure that the institution follows set standards and rules for swedish centers of learning. They also work together with the institution to reach it’s common goals. The students watch does also review new course literature before lecturers switch out the old course literature. The students watch keeps an open dialogue with the institution to make sure that the quality is up to standards.

What can the Students Watch help me with?

You can contact the students watch if you have any questions or complaints about the education, such as the chosen course literature, not getting back an exam within the set time, or vague information from the course administrator. The students watch can also bring up any general complaints about the education or personel of the instiution to the administration.
If you have any complaints about how you have been treated by the personel at DSV, for example if you feel offended or unfairly treated by a lecturer or course administrator, you should contact DISKs student safety.

Who are the Students Watch?

Aida Hegazy and Andreas Öhrlund-Richter are the current students watch employees at DISK.

How to get in touch with the Students Watch

Before you contact the students watch please read the FAQ located at iLearn. There you can find answers to the most common and frequent questions.
If you can’t find the answer there, contact the students watch and make sure to include information about which course the issue concerns (both the name of the course and the course code) and who the course administrator is. There are different ways to get in touch with the students watch, they are as follows:
send a message to the students watch at Facebook
write in the forums in iLearn2
Use the form below