Our facilities

Foo Bar

DISK rents and takes care of Foo Bar, which is our student union local. The local was established as our own local 2014 and is the place where most DISK-related events take place. For example, most subsections have their events there, with exception for Snigel and Sporten. Members and students have access to Foo Bar most days after 15.45.

Foo Bar also has its own kitchen, which is used during most events. For example, you can always get a nice homemade meal at all DISK KM’s events. As well as toast and other snacks at all events. Of course, with our own kitchen, there are some security hazards, but both patches and fire extinguishers are available at different locations around the local,

Do you want to rent Foo Bar for one of your event? Please contact: bokning@disk.su.se

Since Foo Bar is a place for everyone, it is important not to bring any allergens into the local. These allergens include peanuts, which are often airborne. As one of our students is allergic to carrots, this is also forbidden to bring into Foo Bar.


The café is partly managed by the board  and offers snacks and refreshments.

The café offers a variety of food and drinks. All salads and sandwiches are made every morning in our own kitchen. You can also buy one of our coffee cards in the café and get one hot drink, free of charge, when the card has been used up. In the café members get 20% discount and active members get 25% discount.

If you have any allergies you can always ask for the contents in our food. Do you want us to add a new product to the café? Email us at info@disk.su.se and maybe we will start selling it.

Do you want to rent our café for one of your events? Please contact: bokning@disk.su.se

When we are open:
Mon – Thu: 8.45-15.30
Friday: 8.45-14.30

The student union office

The student union office is here for you who have questions or want to become a member of DISK. Here you can also buy various items, such as DISK bands, pens, and also compendium. The student union is next to the café and is mostly staffed by our student union administrator.

Opening hours:
Monday-Thursday: 10.30-15.00

Friday: 10.30-12.00

You can reach the student union administrator at:
Phone: 08-12 14 79 92
E-mail: kx@disk.su.se