New at DSV

It is not easy to remember all new information that you get as new student, below we have gathered some tips and information for new students. If there is anything else you’re wondering about but can not find the answer, please contact us.

Become a DISKare

By becoming a member of DISK, you contribute to ensuring that the education at DSV is of a good quality, that we can organize fun events that create a memorable study time for you and that we will be able to create opportunities where you can meet companies before you graduate.

Become a member


Insparken is the sektion of the student union responsible for making sure that the new students feel welcome to the school. In the beginning of september they organize a two week long competition, parties and other fun activities for the new students. A fantastic chance to find new friends amongst old and new students.

Learn more about Insparken

Facebook groups

There is a facebook group for each bachelor program on DSV and one for all who study at DSV. These groups are good if you want to buy/sell course literature, need to find people who can participate in a survey or maybe want to share some kind of student information. You can find each group by searching the program name (in swedish)+  ” på dsv”, the facebook group for all students is called “studenter på dsv”.


When you become a member you get a digital card loaded with hundreds of discounts. If you want to you can also order a plastic card home, you'll find more information about the card and the discounts at Studentkortets website.

Lecture halls

Most of DSv’s lecture halls are on floor 2 just like most of the student related things on the institution. However, Aula Nod is in Shared Space on the entrance floor and L30 on floor 1 together with the student expedition. If you have a lecture on the L30, take the stairs up from the main entrance and stay on the “balcony”, do not continue up to floor 2 and the rest of the institution.


At DSV we have the luxury that most of the lectures are recorded so that you can watch them again later on your computer, this is however not a guarantee as it may sometimes be that the technology isn’t working or anything else. The lecture presentation should always be available on iLearn.

Social media

In order not to miss all the fun we do within DISK, we recommend that you follow us on both Instagram and Facebook! At Instagram you will find us under the name studentkarenDISK and on Facebook by searching on DISK studentkår or by writing


There are four pinboards on DSV, on three of which there is room for students to put their own posters up, for example, used course literature for sale, information about an upcoming event or something similar.

How to get here

DSV is located in Kista NOD and can be accessed in a number of ways, but most students goes to DSV by subway or commuter train. There are some students who drive a car, you’ll find parking spaces in Kista Galleria but also outside the institution along Kista alléväg.

Take blue line 11 and get off at the station Kista, go on the platform to the north end (in the same direction as the train direction), take a right after the stairs and then straight through Kista Galleria, keep walking straight ahead over the bridge and then turn left around the corner of Engelska skolan (the english school) and continue over the next bridge to find Kista NOD’s main entrance on the right, right after the entrance is the staircase leading up to DSV.

Commuter train
Take the pink line 40, 41 or 42 and get off at the station Helenelund. When you get out of the station, turn right and follow the pavement under the bridge and then straight onto Arne Beurlings Torg that later becomes Kistagången for about 900 m, turn right when you pass the restaurant Tastory, follow the road until you reach Borgarfjordsgatan and see Kista NOD in front of you. If you turn left onto Borgarfjorsgatan, you can either turn right and take Entrance A or C or continue straight along Kista NOD until you reach the main entrance (a map of the institution is located further down).

Map over the department

Here is a map over the entrance floor, floor 1 and floor 2.

Student support

If you find that something with your education is wrong (for example, course literature, the teacher does not keep the syllabus or something similar), please contact DISK students watch at iLearn, Facebook or

If you are experiencing problems with the study environment at DSV, you should instead contact the DISK Student Protection Officer at It can be about bullying or local issues like ventilation or something else.

Need help with the studies? Every Thursday from 10:00 to 16:00, DISK Workshop is in progress, the supervisors are in Foo Bar but you can come to you anywhere at the department, ask for help by signing up at