Information about the coronavirus at DSV

Hello all students!

As you all know, and have been informed, we had one confirmed case of coronavirus among our students at DSV. The student became ill on March 3, and the last thing that has been communicated is that the student, under the circumstances, is doing okay and is isolated.

The Infection Protection in Stockholm initiated an infection tracking in connection to the case, ie. they tried to find the source of the infection. During the infection tracking, they’re taking samples from the individuals they know the student have been in contact with. The infection tracking ended on March 5 and no one at Stockholm University have been called in for sampling and therefore the risk of infection is estimated to be over at DSV.

The meeting in the auditorium, which is held by SU’s security manager, on March 6 at 09:00, is recorded.

If you may have been infected and at the same time experience respiratory symptoms such as coughing, breathing difficulties or fever, you should call 1177 Vårdguiden. Linked to the school, you can either email or the Student Union’s student safety officer as well as the educational officer (who has a duty of confidentiality) at

Have a great day!

Emilia Kaufeldt, President of the Student Union DISK