Covid-19 impact on your studies

New information from Mars 17th

Hello everyone!

DSV have now decided to cancel all physical exams and convert them to some remote form om examination. The course managers will contact you with more information about this.

Due to this new information DISK needs to do some changes in the organisation. Until further notice the café and student union expedition will be closed. You can still call (08-12147992) or email us via

Have a nice day and take care of you!

Sincerely, President Emilia Kaufeldt and the DISK Board 2020

Hello all students! 

Over the past few weeks, since my last post, a lot has happened in Sweden as well as in the rest of the world linked to the coronavirus (covid-19). However, this post will deal specifically with our studies at DSV. If you want more information about the Corona virus in general, I recommend following the news and the Public Health Authority. 

So, what is the case at our institution, DSV? 

Over the past few weeks, several course coordinators from different courses have informed that their course is being converted into distance course. We have been in contact with the study director Stefan Möller and he confirms that teachers will try to do obligatory parts, tutoring and seminars remotely. Möller also notes that already in the normal case, iewithout coronavirus, most courses can be followed remotely, making DSV’s transition easier than for other institutions. 

Möller also responds that planned written exams will be carried out. This is because DSV follows the authorities’ recommendations, which is to cancel events over 500 participants. In addition, the authorities believe that there is no increased risk of writing an exam at the moment. This means that the planned exams for next week will be carried out. However, this can change quickly, Möller says, if the authorities change their recommendations. 

With that said, DSV is also aware that many students will not be able to or won’t write exams in the next few weeks. They therefore intend to give more re-exams than usual, but exactly how many and when is not confirmed due to the uncertain situation with the coronavirus. 

Möller also says that bachelor- and master thesis presentations may already be presented remotely. Therefore, it is up to the supervisor and the student to decide how they choose to do. 

That’s what we know at the moment about our studies. If you have more questions, you are most welcome to contact the student safety officer and education manager Moa ( or the study supervisors ( These roles both have a duty of confidentiality and good contact with DSV. 

What is the current situation with CSN? 

On March 8, CSN, the Swedish Board of Student Finance, published an article on the occasion of the coronavirus. If a school chooses to close, but it is still possible to study (for example through distance studies), CSN will not be affected. However, should you be unable to continue your studies because of the coronavirus, you will lose your financial support. 

Based on the information above linked to DSV, we believe that the risk of canceled studies is small. Nevertheless, it is important that you are aware that this is a risk and in which other cases you may lose your study fundingWe therefore recommend reading CSN’s article. 

SFS, the Swedish National Union of Students, also has contact with CSN and the government to monitor the development. They prioritize that “no students should lose their livelihood.” They expect the government to act in order for students to retain their income if the higher education institutions chooses to close. You can find the statement from SFS here. 

Hope it gave some answers! If you have more questions, you can, as I said, write directly to the education manager or the study supervisors. You are also always welcome to contact me, President Emilia Kaufeldt, at any time via 

Have a nice day and take care of each other! 

Sincerely, Student Union DISK President Emilia Kaufeldt