Become a member

DISK is the student union for students at the Department of Computer and Systems Sciences at Stockholm University (DSV). DISK is run by students who work non-profitable to ensure all students at DSV have a good study time. A higher number of members gives DISK higher influence, so by becoming a member you are contributing to DISKs influence and improvement of student life at DSV. Of course, as a member, you also get access to a number of discounts, benefits, and opportunities to participate in several fun events. Membership costs 160 SEK per semester or 300 SEK per academic year.

As a member you receive:

  • A student card enabling you to utilize a wide range of student discounts. More information about the card and the discounts at Studentkortets website.
  • Discount in the union’s cafeteria, the Student Union Office, and our event facility, Foo Bar.
  • Access to the SSSB housing queue.
  • The opportunity to engage yourself within the sections of DISK for an active membership.
  • Have an influence about what the union should do, either by engaging in the union or join our annual and economic meetings.
  • Get to know plenty of amazing people outside of your own classmates that, just like you, are headed towards a career within IT.

What DISK does for you

  • Secures the quality of your education
  • Provides student support in the form of Students Watch and the student protection agent.
  • Provides together with DSV general tutoring withing all courses through DISK Workshop on Thursdays in Foo Bar.
  • Welcome you to the department with Insparken.
  • Offers a variety of study social activities such as sports events, student pubs, gaming nights, LAN etc.
  • Arrange Systemvetardagen every year, a big labor market day for IT-students, where there is a great chance that you meet your future employer.