Become a member

Become a member of DISK and maximize your experience as a student in Sweden. The best part of being a student are the new friendships you make and a big part of DISKs function is to facilitate this. A DISK membership only cost 160 SEK per semester or 300 SEK for a full year (this is only available during the fall semester). Becoming a member will give you:

As a member you receive:

  • A student card enabling you to utilize a wide range of student discounts. More information about the card and the discounts at Studentkortets website.
  • Discount in the unions cafeteria, reception and pub.
  • Access to the SSSB housing queue.
  • Access to DISKs social events.

What DISK does for you

  • Secure the quality of your education
  • Provides student support in the form of study supervision and student protection representative
  • Welcome you to the department with Insparken.
  • Offers a variety of study social activities such as sports events, student pubs, warhammer nights, LAN etc.
  • Arrange Systemvetardagen every year, a big labor market day for IT-students, where there is a great chance that you meet your future employer.