DSV returns to campus studies during autumn

DSV returns to campus studies during autumn

Have you missed DSVs premises as much as we have? Great news!

DSV has now published information on their website about how studies during the period AB (August 30th – October 31st) will be carried out on campus. However, activities with more than 100 participants will still be performed remotely. This therefore applies to both master’s and bachelor’s programs.

Several of the courses will therefore be a hybrid between distance and campus-based teaching. The teaching will, as usual, be recorded, for those students who do not want / cannot participate physically. The exception is hall exams, which must take place on-site.

For the CD period (November 1st – January 16th), the studies are expected to have completely returned to the way they were before the pandemic – that is, campus studies take place on campus, and courses that were already remote before, of course, continue to be remote.

More information on how DISK will adapt to these good news will be provided in the the near future.

Help DSV evaluate new platform for digital exams

Help DSV evaluate new platform for digital exams

Hi guys!

Do you, just like DISK, think that paper exams belong in the past?

DSV is currently investigating a new tool for online exams. For this, they need students who are willing to participate in a “reference group”, whose mission will be to try out this new tool through the student’s point of view and evaluate if it’s a reasonable alternative to paper exams.

Want to read more or join the reference group?

DSV:s code of honour and plagiarism

DSV:s code of honour and plagiarism

Hello all students!

Indeed you have already read DSV’s code of honour, which includes rules for examinations? Below are some examples that violate the code of honour and regulations:

  • copy solution or accounting from someone else or let someone else copy their solutions,
  • illicit cooperation,
  • plagiarism,
  • rework and submit an already assessed assignment again for assessment without the teacher’s consent,
  • give or receive unauthorized help with homework or
  • present someone else’s work as their own.

Teachers are obliged to report well-founded suspicions of cheating to the Principal and the Disciplinary Committee! This might lead to you as a student being suspended from your studies for up to six months. A suspension is registered as a temporary interruption in the studies and can affect, among other things, study grants but also the right to student housing. A decision to suspend usually applies immediately.

Here you can read DSV’s code of honour.

Here you can read about how cases are handled at Stockholm university.

If you are suspected of cheating, you can contact the student safety representative at studskyddsombud@disk.su.se.

If your case has already gone to the disciplinary committee, you can contact SUS’s representative via the form on this page: https://www.en.sus.su.se/sus-ombud-your-support-in-study-related-issues