Annual events


Ratatosk is DISKs finest event where DISKs senior and credit medals are handed out.The purpose of the dinner is partly to create a festive dinner every year, where DISK members, DISK friends and other student associations have the opportunity to socialize. First Ratatosk was in 2002 and since then Ratatosk is usually in February or March every year.


Systemvetardagen is DISK's most popular event of the year and is a job fair organized by Näringslivssektionen. There are usually about 49 companies that exhibit at the fair each year to get in touch with IT students. System greetings are free for all visitors and usually take place early in March each year. More information about Systemvetardagen is HERE.

The welcome dinner

The welcome dinner is a dinner organized at the beginning of the autumn term for all new students at DSV. After the dinner, there is a after party in Foo Bar. If you want to buy tickets for this dinner, please contact Insparken.