The housing situation in Stockholm is not optimal, even worse if you want to find an accommodation that suits the budget you have as a student. Here are our tips for those who need a home:

By being a member of DISK, you will be able to get a place in SSSBs (Stockholm University Student Housing) housing que, a residence queue only for students who purchased membership of student unions affiliated with SSCO. The SSSB has almost 8000 residences and is the largest in student housing in Stockholm, ranging from rooms in student units to apartments with multiple bedrooms. Perhaps your best chance of a first-hand contract. Do not forget to register with SSSB after you purchase your membership at DISK.

Bostadsförmedlingen delivers both regular and student apartments throughout the region of Stockholm, however, this is Stockholm City housing agency and the maturity varies greatly depending on area, supply and how active the applicant is.

Byggvesta is an organization that builds and manages both ordinary and student apartments in Stockholm.

Akademisk kvart
Akademisk kvart is a website for subletting that addresses students directly. Akademisk kvart has no profit interest so posting ads and reporting interest is completely free. The purpose of the page is to offer second-hand contracts to a reasonable amount of money.

Hyra bostad
Hyra bostad is a page that collects the apartment offer from 65 private landlords and several other contracts. Sign up as a applicant, then Contact Housing will contact you when there are available apartments.
Jagvillhabostad is a association for young housing applicants that is political and religious independent. The association is opinion-forming and participates in several building projects. On their website you will find lots of tips on both landlords and what to think about.

Bo tillsammans
Bo tillsammans is a website where you can both offer and find rooms, collectives or roommates.

Are you going to rent someone else’s residence? Remember to always take a look at the apartment before accepting it, check if the person is approved to sublet by the landlord, determine the rules with the person you rent of, sign a contract (but do not pay any money until the contract is written), save the receipt every time you pay the rent and sign a home insurance.