The student union’s study social activities are divided over a number of sections that have specific orientations. Our sections offer a wide range of events focused on everything from sports, Dungeons & Dragons, movies and pubs. We recommend that you get involved in one (but preferably several) of our sections to get the most out of your study time here at DSV.

Read more about the section’s most common events below!

Ps. If you want to get involved in a specific section, we recommend that you follow the section on their social media. That way, you never miss out on any funny events.

Näringslivssektionen (NärS)

We ensure that you get to meet different companies and get in contact with important people, whom can help you in your future career.

Klubbmästeriet (KM)

We maintain our pub, Foo Bar, and are open Wednesdays and the last Friday every month. In addition, we also make sure that our members can take part in various festive events, eg. Dinners, both internally and with other student pubs, for an extra large fellowship.

Särimners Kultingar (SK)

We play everything from boardgames, like Monopoly and Dungeons and Dragons, to video games like Mario Bros. We arrange a Game JAM, where you can develop your own games, and we also arrange a LAN party every semester.

Sportsektionen (Sporten)

We organize sport-related events to give students the opportunity to participate in various fun activities. Once a year we also arrange a downhill skiing trip to Åre.

Musikaliska & Estetiska sektionen (MES)

We are the section dedicated to aesthetic events. Our events often include some kind of creative focus, as well as entertaining and perform at DISK's fantastic dinners.


We are responsible for ensuring that you are properly welcomed when you start at DSV. This is done through competitions, games, parties and other fun for you, DSV's new students.